Journey Of My Sister

Journey Of My Sister

Susana Miguel , Literary Journalist

On October 3, 2016, it was the day that changed my entire life. Finally, after a whole week of being in the hospital, my mom came home with my dad. She had gone to the hospital because my unborn sister was causing her problems. My mom stayed hospitalized ever since me, my cousin, and my aunt left her a week ago. My mom was in pain and itchiness like a whole swarm of bees were around her. Once we were all settled at home, we had a happy sunny day. I finally got to hug her and give her a kiss on her cheek. It seemed like I hadn’t kissed her or hugged her forever. It felt like my heart was jumping inside me. My mom had not changed at all. My mom still had her longish brown hair, her big brown eyes and her nice soft skin with her baby bump. She had a tired look though. Maybe having a baby is more painful than I thought. We had lunch, dinner, and both me and my dad were taking care of my mom. My dad would do the chores and I would accompany her. I did not want to lose any second with her. I did not want to be separated from her again. When I fell asleep, a huge weight came off my shoulders. It was like I had been holding the sky.

I finally was happy as the rays of sun and peacefully sleeping knowing that my mom was home and we were all together once again. I thought all the worries were gone from my brain and that everything would be normal but I guessed I talked too soon. Little did I know that while I was sleeping, my mom’s water broke which meant that she was going to give birth. They would have to go to the hospital. That meant that we would have to separate. A new challenge, once again, geared up. It was feeling like my world was crumbling.

My parents had to leave, again. It was like the truth was looming above me. My mom, because she was pregnant, couldn’t walk, so my dad had to carry her and settle her in a taxi. Meanwhile, at home, my aunt woke me up.

“Suzie, wake up, your mom left because your sister is about to be born,” she said.

“ What?” I asked

I was confused because I had somehow ended up in my mom’s bed. I jumped out of my mom’s bed and raced into my aunt’s room to wait for any news. I finally was going to have my sister. My cousin was already woken up. We both were talking about how excited we were.

“Imagine how it will be when we have my little sister?” I exclaimed

“We would get to play with her and we won’t be that lonely,” my cousin said.

We were so happy that we probably were going to explode. I thought about how my mom was doing in the hospital. At the hospital, my mom was taken in a wheelchair by my dad.

After the doctors got to my mom, they were pretty slow and were telling my mom to not push because they were going to put liquids in her and start the machines. 

“Can you hurry up?” my dad exclaimed

“Can’t they see that she is going to give birth now?” he thought.

He was pretty desperate for my mom. My mom, on the other hand, was dying of pain just as before. The doctors were telling my mom instructions on what she has to do. Once she finally got onto the other bed, after all the contractions were gone, my sister was born, shivering, wailing, and without warning. A very nice surprise, wasn’t it?

My dad was shocked and told the doctors, “Forget about it, the baby is born.”

It happened so fast that the doctors were taken in shock. They were confused because they had not seen what happened or heard anything. It was as if my sister was a bomb of surprise. Then the doctors gave my mom the baby, only for 2 minutes, and then they had to take my sister to the incubator. My mom was taken to a proper room because she gave birth in a random hall with people. My dad called my aunt to tell me that my sister was born. We were crying of laughter because my sister was born in a random hall and there were people there. She wasn’t even born in the birth room. I was dying of laughter because the doctors were slow and didn’t even realize that my sister had come into the world.

We chose the name Yaretzi. It meant  “She will always be loved,” and it had a Mexican origin. This name would fit her very well as she grew up. Afterward, I had to stay with my aunt for a few days and then my mom came home but without my sister.

I was so sad and confused because my mom had not brought my sister. 

“Why didn’t you bring my sister home?’’ I asked

She looked at me with such pain in her eyes. He looked like every piece of her heart wanted to roll up and weep. 

“Your sister is too tiny. She has to stay in the hospital for a few days so that she can come home,” she said, with heaviness in her heart.

 Ever since then, my mom always looked like she was going to burst into tears. My sister was still in the incubator because she was born prematurely at 7 months. Finally, the day arrived. On October 18, 2016, I got to meet her 15 days later after she finally started to eat from a bottle.  She was chubby, tan, and had my mom’s big round brown eyes. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed. They were beautiful like the stars that shine so bright. My mom always tells me that it was a miracle that she stopped eating from the tube.Usually, it takes longer than 2 weeks for a premature to start eating properly. She always reminds me it is like if my sister had listened. A miracle.

After everything that had occurred with my sister, that is the moment when I finally understood why my mom would be strict. It wasn’t because she wanted to be mean to me or find an excuse to provoke her to get angry. All she wanted was the best for me. I didn’t value that until my sister was born. I always thought that she was mean which is why I was always close to my dad. I knew I had to change. I have to get close to her in order for us to understand each other. To this day, I now joke around with her, talk to her, do activities together and we playfully tease together. My mother may not be perfect but she is mine and it will be forever even when we aren’t together.