Scariest Night As A Kid

Scariest Night As A Kid

Jaylene Solis, Literary Journalist

As the day was ending my sister and I were very bored so we decided to play tag, and by the way, my house isn’t that big to be playing tag. My sister and I were both in our pajamas because it was late, and our hair was all messy.

My sister and I were mostly running in the living room and our room, at the same time we were trying to not make noise, so our mom wouldn’t get annoyed and send us to sleep. So instead of just watching our favorite tv shows, we decided to play tag. Our room had mountains of clothes and toys all over the floor but we just kicked them when we were running. The living room was clean, there was literally no mess so it was fun playing in the living room.

When I was trying to tag her it was kinda hard because she would run really fast, she would also start hiding from me when I’m trying to catch her, which made me get really annoyed because when I would hide from her she would start yelling at me. So after a long time trying to tag her, I finally did and I was so excited, my pulse was a race car because it took me forever. I took a 5-minute break because I was out of breath and I was sweating, so I drank some water. After my mini-break, my sister was now trying to tag me, and I ran to our room and I went on top of my sister’s bed, which is the top bunk, at the time our room was messy which is why I ran upstairs. When I went upstairs I thought I was smart because I didn’t stay downstairs because I knew my sister would catch me so fast, my sister runs as fast as a shooting star.

While my sister is trying to catch me she was also saying, “Jaylene be careful you could fall.”

And she kept saying it. My sister wasn’t scared she just wanted to make sure that I knew that I could fall so I needed to be careful. But I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying because I really didn’t want her to catch me. After a few minutes, my sister said, “ Jaylene get down you’re gonna fall.”

As my sister was telling me to get down, she was out of breath because she was trying to get me but I ignored her because I thought she was only saying that because she wanted to catch me. At that time I was happy because I thought I figured out what she was trying to do. While I was on the bunk bed I was running to the right to the left to the front to the back even though the bed really isn’t that big.

My sister was like following me when I ran on the bunk bed because she still hadn’t been able to catch me. My sister and I were very hot. Our palms began to sweat and we needed water but we just kept playing. Next thing you know she’s trying to catch me and I fall right on the ground from the bunk bed, I fell on my back. I felt as if everything happened so fast but at the same time, it didn’t happen so fast.

I don’t remember if I was in a lot of pain or not, but I do remember my lip bleeding. Since my room was messy when I fell there were a lot of things on the side I felt, but nothing that hurt which I was thankful for.

When I fell in, my sister said, “That’s exactly why you should’ve listened to me.” She came closer to see my lip bleeding, so she ran to the living room to get a napkin.

Once my mom heard me fall on the floor she ran to see what happened. I could tell she was scared because she thought I broke something, and she saw me on the floor with my lip bleeding. My mom and I were actually confused as to why my lip was bleeding if I fell on my back. All I thought was, “How is my lip bleeding if I fell on my back, I didn’t hit my lip or maybe I just didn’t feel it, I’m so confused right now.”

So she picked me up, put some clothes on, grabbed any clothes and put it on me, she also changed herself really fast and called the ambulance, so they came to my house and they took me and my mom to the hospital. All of this happened so quickly because my mom was quick with it, and the ambulance came really fast. I was wearing jeans, the same pajama shirt I had on and boots, my mom was also wearing jeans, a random shirt she picked from her closet and sneakers, my hair was really messy but my mom wasn’t worried about that.

 Me and my mom were in the hospital I’m just thinking to myself, “How could I be so dumb and fall off the bed after Ashley repeatedly told me to get down.”

After my mom starts asking me a lot of questions like 

“if I felt good” 

“if I had a headache” 

“If my back hurt”

 “If my lips hurt”

 I kept replying no because I wasn’t in pain, the only thing that hurt was my foot. 

I could feel my mom tapping her feet on the ground because she was nervous. My mom and I were there for a long time so I ended up falling asleep. The doctor checked me to see if I had anything wrong, but nothing was wrong. I was really happy my heart was pounding really fast, the doctor just told me to not fall off the bed again, which made my mom and I laugh.

Once I got home my mom made me go to sleep. I had droopy red eyes yawning trying to keep my eyes open. But before I went to sleep my sister and I were arguing but it was really low volume because I was supposed to be sleeping, we were arguing because my sister kept saying that I should’ve listened to her and I was getting really annoyed. After I got some sleep my leg didn’t hurt and my lip was good. After I got some sleep I was actually surprised my sister wasn’t trying to trick me because I actually fell, every day since I told almost everyone the story and the people I told were as surprised as I was.