Anything For Queso


Adrian Ponce, Literary Journalist

I went to my parent teacher conference like normal with my mom in the fall. Recently I got a black cat with green eyes named Queso. At the time my grades were not the best because I was very lazy. I didn’t pay attention in class to what was happening so I really never considered my grades to be as important to me as something else to me. They were just a number. So in class, I had never put a lot of effort into my work. I would just do what I was told to without adding more thinking it would be ok.

At the conference, my mom and teacher were talking about my grades and other things. In one part of the conversation my mom mentioned I had just got a kitten. Since my grades were not the best my teacher came up with the idea (threat) of telling me she would take away my cat if I didn’t raise my grades and my mom had actually agreed.

I had started to do my work in class and adding more to it. My teacher would constantly remind me and say “If you don’t do your work then you could say bye bye to your cat” or “The cat’s mine if you don’t do my work”. It continued for the rest of the year, me being reminded by my teacher saying she would take away my cat. So I had done my part by doing my work for the rest of the year.

It was almost winter break and my grades had gone down by a little bit so I worried my teacher would threaten me again so I did everything my teacher had given me from classwork to extra credit to try to raise my grade because I didn’t have any test or quizzes that could easily raise my grades until test prep for the state exam. And my teacher said, “If it were to go down I will take away your cat.” I also had to pass the state exam or else bye Queso.

I managed to raise my grades by 4 percent, by doing all my classwork and homework, before the next parent teacher conference and state exam. I passed the state exam after that my teacher told me she would still take away my cat if I were to slack off just because it was the end of the year and the state exam was over. So I had to keep my grade the same or higher to not let my cat get taken away. It was easier because there wasn’t much work at the end of the year.

I had passed fifth grade maintaining my grades and passing the state exam. In the end my teacher said “it was a lie” more of a joke to her to make me push myself to do more and that either way I would have passed fifth grade. Either way I thanked my teacher for what she had done to me because it made me realize that I was able to do my work even better, and that grades are more important than what they look like.