Election 2020: Hamilton Times Staff Reacts


Our staff writers gave their reaction to the recent presidential election. Read their reactions below!

“When we heard the results, we were in our apartment, and there was a lot of cheering outside. After 10 minutes, my brother thought that maybe the election results had come in, and my mom checked the New York Times, and found that Biden had won! We immediately turned on the news. I feel that we have beaten an enemy and I feel amazing that Donald Trump’s time as President is ending, because he is a liar, and he keeps saying things he’s going to do, then he never does them. He says he’s going to make America great again, but he is really just making America worse. Joe Biden will heal America after this pandemic, and he will also tell the truth. I also feel good that we will have our first woman Vice President.” – Madeline Johnson

“I am feeling happy because finally Joe Biden got elected. I’m so happy right now because we finally have a good person who is president. Another thing is that Joe Biden will unite America again. Lastly, Joe Biden has a plan and I will listen to him about his plan.” – Aaron Marty

“I think that Joe Biden will be a better President than Trump but he is still not the best candidate for the presidency. Many things he has done in the past were very bad. For example, he has made a lot of poor decisions about Black people when he was younger. Again he is not great but he will make better decisions than Trump’s decisions that he has made especially about COVID-19.” -Andres Perez

“I feel anxious since the day Biden won a lot of people were celebrating and throwing beer bottles everywhere. Also, a lot of people were in large crowds and that could have easily spread COVID-19 among everyone there. Also, I feel that the presidential election wouldn’t affect me since I don’t have anything to do with it.” – Edward Lin

“I feel great knowing that Joe Biden won the Election. After 4 long years, we are finally getting a president that cares about America and not just himself. The moment Joe Biden had won people in my building and outside my building began to cheer and clap. I am really happy that Biden won!” – Hailey Saucedo-Capote

“I am so glad that Joe Biden is now our President! I figured the news out at about 11 AM, and I was at home in my apartment with my mom. We were talking and then heard cheering and people clapping from outside. I asked if it could be that Joe Biden won, so we talked asked someone on the street that was standing in front of our building and told us that he had won the election. We were super happy and I’m extremely glad that now we have a more organized president who can handle this country and keep it sorted and united. I’m relieved Donald Trump isn’t my President anymore. After we figured out, I FaceTimed with my friends and we celebrated it together. We were celebrating ad cheering Joe Biden’s win that day, and we were very happy.” – Isabella Suarez

“I feel happy because Biden will make good choices.” – Jesus Garcia

“I am very excited because the past 4 years have been very chaotic, because the administration was not ready, or at all prepared for leading a country, he did it like it was a business, not like humans who do things, and that created a really big problem. He used his business cheat sheets, but they didn’t work for a President, and he was not prepared for the pandemic that hit. I hope that the next administration will handle COVID-19 in a better way, because this administration was scared, and they did not know what to do. They let their political opponents get in the way of logic, and because the Democrats did the right thing, they wanted to do the wrong thing. I am very excited that Joe Biden has been elected President, because he has posed a much better solution to COVID-19, not handling it like a business, but having experience, and handling it as a politician, and doing the right thing. I am happy that we will not be on edge about what’s next for the psycho in office, but instead be in a place that we know more!” – Leonard Blachly-Preston

“I am happy that Trump is not the president. I think that Biden is going to do a great job of being a president. I am also very happy that Kamala Harris is going to be vice president because she is the first women vice president and the first of color and many more.” – Sophia James