HGMS Experiences with COVID- 19


Ryleigh Beltran

I have never thought that this new virus called coronavirus, or as most people say COVID-19, would make such a big change in people’s lives. This virus has made all of our lives very difficult because of the new regulations that we have to follow to keep us safe. COVID-19 has also shown many people the consequences of what can happen if you don’t follow the rules. Teachers and students this year have also learned some new things that they have never done before. For example, a new way that we have to learn is through our computers, which is called “remote.”

Since this virus has changed people’s lives I have decided to interview the students and teachers from Hamilton Grange Middle School to see in what way it has changed their lives. I also interviewed people to see their opinion on COVID-19 and how they feel about it. Maybe you can relate to some of these feelings. Most importantly I have asked all the people that I interviewed how they stay safe from getting COVID-19.

Christopher Mejia is a student in 6th grade who knows some facts about COVID-19. He mostly knows about ways to keep yourself safe from COVID-19. He only knows a little bit about COVID-19 because he keeps himself busy by doing things that he likes to do. 

The COVID-19 test is a test that you have to take to see if you have COVID-19 or not so that if you do have it then you will have to quarantine yourself for 14 days so you won’t spread it to your relatives.

Christopher said, “There are a few systems that could lead you to get a paid COVID-19 test or a free one.”

I asked Christopher about how you will know if you have COVID-19. He said you have to wait for your test results or for symptoms. 

Christopher said, “You will know in 2 to 7 days if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, one of the symptoms are fevers and coughs.” 

Newspaper club advisor Mr. Spohngellert said that in April he started to realize that our government was going to have to start making health and safety measurements to keep us safe.  

Mr. Spohngellert said, “People were going to have to start wearing masks. People were going to have to start staying inside. People were going to have to stay six feet away from each other just to prevent themselves from getting coronavirus.”

Mr. Spohngellert said that the virus can spread from your mouth and nose and purples come out of it without you realizing so that is what causes it to keep spreading from person to person.

Mr. Lev the Principal of Hamilton Grange Middle School said that since the students have to wear their masks for such a long time at school so he lets the kids take a mask break but then after that they have to put it back on.

Mr. Lev knows a lot about COVID-19 because he watches the news to get information about it.

Mr. Lev said, “I know that it’s infected over 9 million Americans and almost 250 thousand people now in our country have died because of it.”

Mr. Spohngellert said that COVID-19 has made many changes in his life and that he finally realized that people would have to change the way they live due to this virus. 

Mr. Spohngellert said, “As a teacher, I learned that I am going to have to figure out how to communicate with my students through a computer.” 

Mr. Lev said that in the school one of the kids had COVID-19 and that the person’s sister who lives with that person was tested negative for COVID-19.   

For all the people who are reading this, I hope you found it very helpful to know what COVID-19 is and how Hamilton Grange Middle School deals with it. I hope you all liked what I wrote about it because I know some people may be curious about COVID-19 especially if you are learning remotely.