The Truth About Video Games


Andres Perez

Have you ever thought about how the news spreads lies about things? Do you think they lie about how video games do more harm than good? 

A lot of recent media is about how students and young kids are being badly affected by video games and video games only.

Hamilton Grange student Edward Lin has read what the news has to say about video games and he thinks otherwise. 

“I usually play videogames when I am bored and they help me escape boredom,” he said. 

This shows that video games can be helpful in some ways and it also shows that it doesn’t only have to be video games that are causing problems in youth

He also said, “Video games help me keep my mind off of hard and sad things that happen to me in my life.”

This also shows that the news is lying about video games and how they cause harm. Edward also spoke about how video games are not isolating–they can be a place to interact with others.

“Video games are fun because you can play with a lot of people that you know or might not know,” Edward said. 

This also proves that video games do make you more social or help you be more social because you can make lots of friends.

Hamilton Grange student Nicolas Melendez also thinks that playing video games with friends is more fun than playing alone. 

He said, “When I do play with friends it is better because I actually know who I’m up against.”

This proves that the news is wrong about video games because they think that videogames are bad for kids and they make kids antisocial and they make kids more stressed.

Nicolas also said, “Sometimes with a friend I get more competitive because there is a lot of trash talk when they score on me.”

Nicholas’s experience shows that kids can have a lot of fun and a lot of good experiences with gaming.

This whole article shows that the news is very wrong about video games because they make them out to look like they are as addictive as drugs and that young kids shouldn’t be exposed to them. It is the opposite. Through video games, kids have insanely good experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and they make lots of new friends.