The Challenge of Sleep


Edward Lin

Did you know being tired on a test drops your score by a lot? Research has shown that when you’re tired, you’re more likely to get a lower score. When you’re more concentrated and less tired, you’ll get a better score than when you are tired.

When you’re tired, many people find themselves unable to concentrate and work. Even adults have this problem. This is the main reason adults drink coffee, they want to get less tired and wake up so they can start their work.

Many students can relate, they find themselves unable to concentrate in class and sometimes they even fall asleep during class. Many students get less sleep due to noise, worrying, and stress. They find it hard to fall asleep since they have problems in their life and can’t find a quiet space to sleep. Most of the time, they can’t concentrate on sleeping since they are worried about something.

Video games also affect sleep. Many students have said that they don’t go to sleep early since they are still awake playing video games. Research has shown that when you go to sleep and don’t use video games one hour before bedtime, it’s easier to sleep since your brain is ready for bed.

8th-grade student Nicholas Melendez said, “I usually feel tired around 10 pm since I am still awake playing video games.”

Although video games keep students like Nicholas up late, video games are played to have fun and reduce stress. It’s hard to resist after a long day of school. School takes a toll on students due to the long hours we have to sit in front of a screen. Covid-19 has made school even harder since we have to do online school and many students can’t find themselves sitting in front of a screen for 8 hours. Many students agree with this and believe that we should get a break during class for 5-10 minutes.

School also is a reason many students aren’t getting enough sleep.

10th-grade student Susan Lin said,“School makes me get less sleep since I have to wake up early and stay up late doing work.”

During the weekend, many students get more sleep but then they are exhausted when the weekend ends and they have to get up early for school.

8th-grade student Andres Perez said, “I feel tired on Mondays since the weekend just came and since I sleep more on the weekends than on school days. I wake up on Monday tired since I didn’t get as much sleep.”

There are some solutions to this problem.

“In the morning meditate or stretch if you’re tired, it’ll wake up your muscles,” said Andres.

When many people wake up in the morning, they can try going for a mile run or stretch before they start their day. This strategy is often used by teachers and older people. They use this strategy so they can keep in shape and also wake up their body. This allows them to work properly and focus during teaching or working.

Other strategies include going to sleep earlier and avoiding video games before bed.

“Don’t overuse electronics or else you won’t be tired and your mind will still be awake and when you wake up. You’ll be tired since you wouldn’t have been able to sleep,” said Nicholas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope these tips will help you do better in class and manage your sleep better. Also, I hope that you’ll do better on tests with these tips.