COVID Hobbies

COVID Hobbies

Madeline Johnson

What are your hobbies during the pandemic?

I interviewed a few people to see what things they were doing during the pandemic.

My dad said that during this pandemic, he had a few things he has always liked to do.

When asked what hobbies he does during COVID, he said, “Listening to records from my collection, doing puzzles, reading.”

He also said he likes to go outside with me and my brother.

“I like to play and watch just watch you guys bike around,” he said.

6th-grade student Ryleigh Beltran said that her family went up to Connecticut to see her aunt and cousins.

“I liked this because we mainly live in New York, and they live in Connecticut, and it’s not like we can go there all the time,” she said.

Another activity she enjoys during COVID is playing with her family dog, but it is more interesting if she has someone else to do it with her.

“It would be better if there were other people to play with the dog. It can be done inside and outside. He jumps around and gets really excited and it’s fun to play with him,” she said.

7th-grade student Leo Blachly-Preston said that he had taken up several hobbies during the pandemic.

“ [I’ve] taken up carpentry, biking, [and] soccer,” he said.

He also said that there are some things that need to be done with another person, so he does do them outside.

“When working with wood, I do need someone else. We work outside with masks on,” he said.

In conclusion, you should try some of the things that these people have been doing. And who knows? You might find something you really love!