Leonard Blachly-Preston

A historic presidential race called after 4 days on edge after Pennsylvania goes to Biden!

After four years of a chaotic administration, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was elected president after voters came out to vote in massive waves, ensuring a record turnout for this election! Many people on both sides were on the edge of their seats for this election. Democrats feared another four years of chaos and mayhem and Republicans feared going back to the years of Obama. A nation divided, given two options, chose one: Joe Biden.

And yet while the results have been called by news organizations, President Trump is still refusing to concede, calling the results fake and saying that there have been fraudulent ballots. Despite these claims, the president’s own security division has said that this election has been the most secure in US history. Still, the supporters of the president have listened to him, and many have gone in the streets to protest the election in organized marches.

In one of these protests, Trump supporters marched outside the White House to show their support for the president. Unfortunately, these protests will spread COVID cases, especially given that the protesters refused to wear masks. 

One of Trump’s biggest issues, that lost him many votes, was COVID-19. He has repeatedly mishandled the virus, playing it down, like it’s flu season, however, data shows that he could have lost up to 150,000 votes because of COVID-19 deaths.

Trump held rallies that were not at all safe. He also held indoor rallies where participants were unmasked and not practicing social distancing. At least 30,000+ cases have been directly linked to Trump rallies. Many of the people who have died after attending a Trump rally refused to wear masks. 

These deaths and Trump’s attitude towards the pandemic could have tilted the election in many states such as Georgia, and Arizona.

Many people have slammed the president for his refusal to concede, while president-elect Biden has begun to announce his cabinet. One member of Trump’s team told the press, “It seems pointless to do this because we’re doing all this work, which will go to waste in January.”

Former President Barack Obama said in an interview, “Salvage your last shred of dignity and concede this election.” 

And yet Trump refuses to concede!

The tables turned on Trump, despite what some saw as an opportunity to gain more votes: sympathy. When the president came down with COVID-19, many of his supporters saw a turning point. Some were reminded of the danger of COVID-19, while others saw a conspiracy. Some felt people could have felt sympathy for the president’s illness. However, Christopher Mejia, a 6th-grade student, felt no sympathy.

“No, I felt no sympathy because I don’t support him in any way, because he is not a great president, because he is taking advantage of his power!”

Neither did 8th grade Humanities teacher Leopold Spohngellert, who said, “When I heard that the president had COVID, the first thought I had was, of course he does!  Over the past few months, I have watched him on TV, refusing to wear a mask, not taking any precautions, and generally talking about the virus like it’s no big deal. So it is no shock that someone who downplays it so much then gets it.”

The election was a stressful process for the entire country. Many people who voted for Trump were stressed towards the end because it seemed like he would not be able to win. The people who voted for Biden were on edge on the morning of Wednesday, as it seemed that Trump had a clear path to victory. Even as many states turned blue, the Democrats were on the edge of their seats, as they knew that the election isn’t over until every vote is counted, as we learned from 2016!

Cardi B revealed that she was smoking like a chimney election night, and the most common google search was liquor stores near me. If you felt stress because of the election, you were not alone!

But the election is now long past, and what we face is the turn of power from President Trump to President-elect Biden. While little progress has been made in terms of concession from President Trump, he has authorized the US government to execute a change of power. 

Twitter has been a massive source of power for the president, as he has taken to the social media platform to speak his opinions, whether it be about the election or his own personal problems, such as scandals or impeachment trials. The platform on Twitter has been his main way of communicating to his supporters.

Twitter prepared for a full-on disinformation campaign about the election from the president in the days leading up to the election. However, it was not enough, as the president continues to post about the fraudulent results, much to the dismay of many people who have been monitoring the election.

The presidential race was not the only race to pay attention to. The Senate which the Republicans currently control, hangs in the balance as both of the elections in Georgia head into run-offs, as no candidate in either race received more than 50% of the vote in November.

While we await the results of the Georgia elections, many other Senate races have been decided.

Republican Susan Collins of Maine, won reelection, despite a strong opponent, Sara Gideon. Gideon has name recognition in Maine and ran a very successful ad campaign. However, it may be that the amount of ad spending had many people very annoyed! The Maine race was one of the most expensive recorded, as candidates raised a total of $185 million dollars. Too many ads is never good!

Many people quickly became tired of the ads for each candidate, and this may have led to the demise of Ms. Gideon! Her ads targeted Collins in a national way, tying her to Trump, and the other Washington Republicans, however they did not focus on what Gideon has done for the state. Meanwhile, while Collins’s national choices have impacted the nation in many negative ways, such she has done a lot for Maine as a state.

She has lowered taxes for Maine fisherman, who work tirelessly to earn their living, despite having to work in any condition. Whether it’s freezing, rainy, or in a gale, the lobster fishermen are out on the water, and they push themselves hard to get up at 4 AM and return at 3 PM.  As much of Maine is composed of working class people, Collins lowered taxes for the fishermen, which gave them hope. While Collins has not done very much for regular small businesses, she has helped people who work at Bath Iron Works, as she negotiated with the union to reduce the number of independent contractors hired when the Iron Works went on strike. Many people were annoyed to see her tied to Washington in such negative ways when she has impacted their lives in such positive ways, so many people offered her their help and votes, winning her the election.

Another race that looked promising was the South Carolina Senate race. However, Repblican Lindsay Graham, the incumbent, pulled ahead by a shocking 10 percent of the vote, leaving Democrat Jaime Harrison in the dust. Jaime Harrison’s race had the same problem as that of Gideon, because he also received a lot of funding and put up ads about what Graham has been doing in Washington DC. But Mr. Harrison linked Graham to Washington too much, not taking into account what Graham had done for the state itself.

So as of right now, the Republicans have won 50 seats, the Democrats have won 48, and the final two seats hang in the balance. Georgia’s runoff election will determine who controls the Senate. The Democrats have to hold out hope that they can win both seats in Georgia because the tie-breaking vote would be Kamala Harris, who as the Vice President controls the vote in a 50-50 split. This would be preferable, as a Senate controlled by one party with a president from the opposite party is difficult, as the Senate will not approve many laws made by the president! 

January is the month to watch, as the Georgia Senate race will end and Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20th. Would you rather have a divided government, with a red senate and blue White house, or a fully blue government?