Op-Ed: Improve Technology in Schools


Joseph Rivera, Staff Writer

Did it ever occur to you that technology at school was horrible? I believe that technology in NYC schools is a big problem. As the number of students using technology grows, I continue to think to myself, how does the technology used by most of the world compare with the technology used by students in school?

Well, as technology grows in demand during the pandemic, the technology continues improving, making the devices students use a little out of date. The average computer has an Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 500 GB of internal storage. That is four times better than the computer I use at school.

According to Hamilton Grange 8th-grade teacher Leopold Spohngellert, “As long as it can connect to the internet and download Zoom and do most basic functions, I’m fine.”

It is perfectly logical for children, teachers, and adults to get used to computers that are distributed to the public. After all, the reason schools purchase Chromebooks rather than fancy Macbooks is cost minimization. If they bought good laptops, all the schools would go bankrupt. There’s no reason to do that.

There are still issues with choosing less costly laptops. My Chromebook recently malfunctioned on me and I don’t know why. I was doing school work as usual and I went to the bathroom and my sister said, “Your laptop is glitching out!”

“Stop seeing things,” I responded, but I was so wrong. I get out of the bathroom and discover I can’t get my screen to be responsive. That was so bothersome because I had to use a computer that crashed almost every hour. I know right.

Update, now I have a new laptop. This is why I think NYC schools need better technology.