Pros and Cons of Social Media


Ryleigh Beltran, Staff Writer

There are many ways social media can be dangerous, but people are on social media on a daily basis. A lot of people like to use many different types of social media apps such as Instagram. Even kids who are underage have it. Tik Tok is a very popular social media app that many people around the world have.

To show the pros and cons of social media I have decided to interview students and teachers at HGMS to see their experiences with social media and how it affected them or made them feel. Some people have social media but also worry about things that can happen to them if they use it for a long time. Every person that has social media apps has their own opinion about the apps. I wanted to see the reasons that people like social media and why they don’t.   

A 6th-grade student named Chloe-Yves Laila Payne said that she does have an app called dubsmash where people dance a lot and she said that it is the only social media app that she has that involves her posting videos of herself.  

Chloe said, “I do not have Snapchat, I do not have Tik Tok. I do not have Instagram or Facebook or any of those apps like those.”

Jhonary Bridgemohan is a 6th-grade Humanities teacher and she said that she doesn’t have any social media apps but she uses many different resources to help her know information about different types of social media apps. 

Ms. Bridgemohan said, “Even though I do not have any of the apps, I do read news sources that pull from different social media, so I am not disconnected.”

Gabe Marshall is a health teacher for all HGMS students. He said that in certain situations kids shouldn’t have social media apps but their parents or any adult should supervise them when they are on it because sometimes it can be unsafe for them especially if they have it at a young age.  

Mr. Marshall said, “If kids are young I think that monitoring it would be important […] because there might be certain situations where it’s not safe.” 

Chloe said that she uses dubsmash for fun because she likes to dance and learn many new things.

Chloe said, “Not because I want to be famous and not because I want to have followers, because I want to try to do things that people like but because I like them and I want to do it for fun.”  

Ms. Bridgemohan said that it depends on the influence they get at home. She worries about kids whose only connection with other kids is through social media. 

Ms. Bridgemohan said, “There has to be a balance. If your only connection as a child is social media with very little home influence I can see social media being a problem.”

Mr. Marshall said that people have tried to scam him before on social media but it hasn’t worked. Scammers would try to get personal information from him and once he almost got successfully scammed by a person because they said they needed money.

Mr. Marshall said, “Somebody was saying that they need help […] They wanted to friend me and they needed money.” 

Chloe said, “I’ve made one friend on [dubsmash] and his name is Ontario but that’s probably it. I don’t want a bunch of friends on social media it’s not what I look forward to it’s gonna be a little bit too chaotic.” 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about the pros and cons of social media and you might be able to share some of these things that people have said with your family and friends for awareness about social media. And it turns out that social media can be good and bad at the same time but you just have to be careful when you are on it. In any dangerous situation you should tell your parents or teachers.