Why People Switched Clubs


Ryleigh Beltran, Staff Writer

At Hamilton Grange Middle School there are clubs that are assigned to students but some have decided to switch clubs from this marking period to the last marking period. I was very curious about the number of students that have switched to a different club and why they wanted to switch. I have also asked a teacher who assigned the clubs that students should go to and how they made those decisions. 

I asked Leopold Spohngellert, who is a club teacher from the newspaper club and an 8th-grade Humanities teacher, if any of his students in his club have switched to another club. 

Mr. Spohngellert said, “I think from this marking period to the last marking period we had about 7 students switched out of the club and we added about 5 students but I think the majority of students have stayed in the club.”   

When I interviewed  Assistant Principal Scott Moore who assigned the clubs that students should go to he said the students that did a survey for clubs. 

Mr. Scott said, “I think every student got one of their top two choices in the last marking period. I think that honestly, the reason students can get what they want in terms of clubs almost all the time is because we have a lot of really interesting clubs.”

Kaylie Altagracia is a 6th grader who decided to switch from the Racial Justice Club to the Newspaper Club because she said that she wanted to try a different club.

Kaylie said, “I decided to change clubs because I feel like I just really needed a change. You know I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again. I couldn’t change my essential classes at all. Even though I really liked Racial Justice Club and I still like that I was a part of that I thought I really needed a change and I needed to change something.” 

Mr. Spohngellert said that some new members of the club face challenges and can receive support from older members of the club.

”Sometimes students are confused about how to use the recording technology or how to conduct a respectful interview so I’ll ask someone who has done interviews before to take them through all the steps that we try to follow during an interview in Newspaper Club,” he said.

Mr. Scott said if students decide to stay in Newspaper Club for a long time they can become an expert at writing articles and the steps that you have to take before you start an interview. 

Mr. Scott said, “They are probably even more familiar with some of the interviewing protocol and writing the articles. So they can actually help new folks…I think that’s my goal in our clubs. If a student is older or they have done the club before then they can actually help some of the newer students learn it.”

For all the readers that have read this article about why people have decided to switch clubs at Hamilton Grange Middle School, I hope this is helpful for teachers and students to know why students made this decision. I especially hope that many students read this article so that they can know their teachers’ opinions about how they felt when they switched to another club.