Things The Government Should Make Better


Justin Marrero, Staff Writer

Do you like what the government is doing during the pandemic? Or do you think that the government should make some changes? Read this article to see what the government should change or make better.

I spoke to 8th-grade Humanities teacher Leopold Spohngellert and these were his thoughts about what the government should make better

“I think that one decision that was really harmful was telling people that the schools and businesses should just open because a couple of cases went down. We saw that the government opened movie theaters for the last couple of weeks and indoor dining and other businesses,” Mr. Spohngellert said.

My brother Rudy Sime said, “The government should increase the weekly unemployment benefits.”

“No it is not enough there are families that have multiple members and in my opinion, they should give more. At least raise it up to six hundred dollars weekly,” he said.

I spoke to my mother Keila Sime about this topic.

“One thing I think the government has made better is give more help for the families who need it like, for example, give more food stamps money and give stimulus checks,” she said in an interview.

I asked Rudy if he thought the stimulus checks should have been for more money.

“Yes I do think they should have given more money for both stimulus checks because a lot of people were unemployed and the Americans needed help and they did not have enough money since they were unemployed to pay rent, light, and water,” he said.

I also talked to Mr. Spohngellert about the topic of stimulus checks.

“I do think we could have given people more money for both stimulus checks because the situation was hard and a lot of people were panicking because they did not know what to do since they had a lot of bills,” he said.

I spoke to my mother about the third stimulus check.

“Yes I do think it is a good size for now because a lot of Americans are struggling to pay their bills but for now it is a good size and some part of the bills could be paid and the most important part is for the rent to be paid and for people could be able to buy food,” she said.

The government has made a lot of good choices as they made some bad choices, but some of the bad choices should be changed! Thank you guys, the readers, for reading my article. Have a good day!