Women’s Rights


Ryleigh Beltran, Staff Writer

Today for the women’s rights article I shall interview teachers and students who you may have heard of or may have not. We shall see my interviewees’ perspectives about women’s rights, but most importantly enjoy this article.

Luke Bolton, a 6th-grade Humanities teacher, spoke with me about whether women should have the same rights as men.

“Women should have all of the rights that men have, but I also think there’s some specific rights that would be especially powering for women,” Mr. Bolton said.  

Jhonary Bridgemohan, who is also a 6th-grade Humanities teacher, agreed with Mr. Bolton’s statement about women having the same rights as men. 

Ms. Bridgemohan said, “Whatever those rights should be in terms of what happens with men, women should have those same rights as well.” 

Emerie Martinez, a 6th-grade student, spoke about how people treat women in a respectful manner or just like everyone else.

Emerie said, “It’s really sad to see that people are so surprised when someone does that when someone respects a woman for doing this or treats her like a normal human being and that’s just genuinely it’s just sad.”

I asked Mr. Bolton about rights that women should be given and he said a right that they should be given is childcare.

Mr. Bolton said, “ I think the right to free childcare is a massive right that should be given to every family but especially for women allowing them to decide the way that they want to care for their children.”

Mr. Bolton said people should make sure that women are receiving enough money.

“In terms of one of the big things is equal pay and support because we know that women are not paid equally to men and to kind of structure that and make sure that women are receiving that compensation and that women are not penalized for taking time off for pregnancy or to care for children because often it’s a really difficult decision especially for women that are in careers where taking time off can really detrimental,” he said.    

Ms. Bridgemohan said she sometimes feels like her opinion isn’t valued because whenever there is a male that repeats the same thing that she said then the person values what they said even though she was the one who said it. 

“It’s almost like there’s need to be validated from a guy’s perspective,” she said.

Emerie said that some people should stop telling women what they should do because it is very unjust how some people try forcing women to do things that they should be able to decide on their own. 

Emerie said, “ Some things people can start doing to support women is to stop enforcing things on women like how women have to dress feminine. I think we should stop enforcing gender roles or just enforcing these things on women because it really isn’t fair for a lot of people that don’t want to do that.”

As we have seen today the opinions of my interviewees about women’s rights. Now let’s not forget the rights that they deserve. 

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel. This quote spoke out to me because it reminds me how many women have spoken out for women’s rights. Women can stand up for themselves when they need their rights.