How To Deal With Video Game Addiction


Aaron Marty, Staff Writer

I never knew that video games were really addictive. No wonder I love it so much. I’m a bit addicted to video games but I have been taking a lot of breaks lately.

Usually I can just take a break and read or watch tv and just not look at my electronics for a while.

I interviewed the 8th grade student Andres Perez about how we can avoid and not get distracted with electronics.

Andres said, “Usually I can just put my electronics down and read or watch TV so that I won’t be addicted to it for the whole day.”

Another example is that we can just relax outside with our friends for the day. Basically people could just put down their electronics and just relax and not look at it for a while.

8th grade Humanities teacher Mr. Spohngellert said, “We should just go outside or take a walk in order to be away from electronics.”

Something that you can do to reduce stress is play a different game if the other game causes stress.

Mr. S said, “Don’t play a game that could get you more stressed.”

Finally, we can try making a video game schedule so that we know when to stop.

“You could make a routine of playing electronics,” said Mr. S “while you’re playing a game you love you just think I’ll play for 10 minutes more.”

In conclusion thanks for reading my article and hope you learned some things from it.