YouTube Ads Need to be Removed


Joleiny Genao, Staff Writer

YouTube ads are torturous for people, why not have uninteresting ads removed? I would do it. Around the world there are 2 billion users who watch YouTube, therefore there is a whole community that is affected and annoyed by these ads and wants them to be removed. This article will argue why YouTube ads need to be removed.

One of the reasons YouTube ads should be removed is because some people have to wait a long time to rewatch the video they were watching. For example, it is annoying that an ad is suddenly put on the video you were watching. It is annoying because the ad is not more interesting than what you were watching. YouTube ads distract us because they tend to come out in the middle of the video and that is irritating. Also, the ads tend to appear more in short videos which makes one not enjoy the video. Moreover, it is torturous to be forced to watch a video because it cannot be omitted. This causes people to lose the focus they initially had for the video they were watching.

The second reason YouTube ads should be removed is that people stop watching YouTube because of the ads. Some people get mad with YouTube ads because YouTube puts two ads that cannot be skipped at the same time, which causes people to go to another site to watch videos without ads like Netflix. In my opinion, a solution that YouTube should implement is giving people a free option on their accounts where they can opt in and out of ads. If YouTube blocks the ads it would be better for them because people will tend to stay on their website and continue watching videos.

The third reason why the ads should be removed is because there are some children who see ads that are not appropriate for them. For example, I have heard of a five-year-old child that was watching Peppa Pig, a children’s cartoon, on YouTube, when an inappropriate ad appeared. Furthermore, I have seen ads that are about gun games and killing people, and those ads are not appropriate for young children because they can influence them to download these violent games which can cause them to become aggressive when they become older. Groups of activist mothers have proposed a separate service called YouTube Kids so that ads can be personalized for children. But in my opinion, no ads should be allowed because the ads interrupt us from watching the videos and more children who like to see their dolls quietly without ads.

In conclusion, YouTube ads should be removed because some people have to wait a long time to rewatch the video. Also, people stop watching YouTube because the ads are very bothersome. I think that there are children who watch YouTube and there are some ads that are not appropriate for them.  Since so many people are bothered by YouTube ads, people have developed apps and third-party websites to remove them. Unfortunately, not everyone uses these apps and sites and YouTube makes you pay if you want to remove ads. Do you also wish for YouTube to completely remove its ads?  If we all combine our voices, then we can make sure that YouTube listens to our grievances.