Kids Should Not Wear Uniforms

Kids Should Not Wear Uniforms

Alyssa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt like uniforms are boring? At my school, students have to wear the school logos or the school colors, which makes many students feel that they can’t express themselves. Therefore, students shouldn’t be forced to wear uniforms.

People that are for uniforms argue that uniforms improve learning outcomes. In reality, if you are forced to wear uniforms it will be more difficult to learn. It shouldn’t matter what students wear. No matter what clothes they wear they will learn the same material. According to “School Uniforms – Pros & Cons”, if students have to wear the same uniform rather than wearing their own clothes that suit their body, they can suffer from embarrassment at school. If you’re embarrassed you wouldn’t be focused on learning.

When students wear their own clothes, they can express themselves and they can show their personality. Some ways they can express themselves is by wearing clothes of different colors, designs, and styles. According to “School Uniforms – Pros & Cons”, the First Amendment of the US Constitution gives us the right to express ourselves freely. If the law says that we can wear clothes to express ourselves I feel like we should wear whatever we want as long as it’s not inappropriate.

The last reason students shouldn’t wear uniforms is that they can be expensive. If the school is going to force kids to wear uniforms, I feel like the school should pay for the uniforms or the uniforms should even be free. According to “School Uniforms – Pros & Cons” parents already waste money for needs for the house, food, and bills. I believe parents shouldn’t waste money on their student uniforms if their children have their own clothes. On the website K12 Clothing, it states that school uniforms per child per year were $150 or less. An outfit should cost no more than 30 dollars.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t wear uniforms is because it makes learning harder, it makes it so you can’t express yourself, and it can be expensive. Some people like uniforms because they say it shows respect for the school. I think that you can respect the school without wearing uniforms by participating in school projects. I challenge teachers to let students wear their own clothes instead of wearing uniforms.