Why In-Person is Better Than Online School

Why In-Person is Better Than Online School

Chloe Ahorrio, Staff Writer

In the past year parents and kids have had to choose either to go to school or stay at home due to the pandemic. Some people think that staying at home is way better than going to school because it keeps them and their families safe. Some students feel like it is way better to go to school than stay at home. It gives them a chance to focus and interact with others. Would you go in person or stay at home? I believe In-person learning is more productive and less distracting than online learning. 

One reason why in-person learning is better than online learning is that there are fewer distractions at school. At home, people tend to have more distractions than if we were in person. For example, at home people would like to go on their phones and other websites during class. If we were in school people would have teachers around them to keep them on track. In addition to technology, many students have siblings at home with them. Being at school helps you concentrate more without any of your siblings distracting you and giving them the time they need to take a break from them. According to a survey taken by JPD,  a company that does surveys, it states that 54% of Americans have more distractions working from home. It also states that 42% are working less than usual from home. Overall, people tend to have more distractions working from home. 

Another reason why in-person is more preferred than online is that there is a teacher in the same room so they can help you. When I was at home sometimes I needed help with my work and I would have to type in the chat and wait for the teacher to answer and sometimes teachers would not notice my questions. So, being in-person I could raise my hand and the teacher can answer my question without having any problems. Additionally, you can get feedback right away if you’re in-person unlike if you were online you would have to wait for the teacher to comment on your work. For example, when I am remote in math I would have to wait 3 min to get feedback on my work, but when I am in person I would wait less than a min to get my response. Finally, students tend to like having teachers in the same room because they feel like they can be more open about things. At home, students might not have that same experience with their parents or siblings so they might feel like they can have a voice and express themself. For example, students go through things that can bring them down and the teacher can help comfort them. 

Lastly, you can have face-to-face interactions with your friends and teachers instead of being at home looking at a screen. According to Online vs In-Person, student interactions are heightened since kids are in school. For example, in school, I feel that I don’t have to text or wait for a text from my friends to talk but while I am at home I feel like I am scared to text because I don’t want to disturb them. Overall, student interactions help a lot with social activities and confidence. Additionally, having face-to-face interactions help kids with their confidence. For example at school students can feel more confident to talk to their friends because they are face to face and they don’t have to be scared to talk to them. Unlike if you were online people would hesitate to text their friends because they would feel bad that they have disrupted them and once they stop texting they drift slowly apart.

All in all, I feel like kids should go to school in person rather than online because it helps with distractions, you can have a teacher near you to help with your needs, and have more interactions than if we were online. Some people think that in-person school is not for them. They think that online is much better than in-person because it gives them a chance to be lazy and stay at home, but also keeps them and their families safe during this weird time. I can see why they would pick online instead of in-person. However, I feel that being lazy at home is not productive. In school, your teachers around you make sure that you are doing your job and staying on point. If you are worried about your child’s safety, most schools have testing every week, we wear masks and if someone comes up positive schools will close up for a week. In some schools they break up students to come in on certain days of the week so not as many students could be at school all day. Imagine a future where every kid was in school again for the first time. Being in school will bring kids back to normal and give kids a better way to stay on task but have lots of fun. I challenge the reader (you) to check your kid in for in-person and see how you feel.