Saving the Ocean


Yalvin Duno, Staff Writer

If you see garbage on the beach will you pick it up or leave it there? Unfortunately, many New Yorkers would choose the second option. According to National Geographic, 8 million tons of plastic waste are in the ocean. Millions of animals are killed every year by plastic pollution. Therefore, people should keep the oceans clean. 

Keeping the oceans clean will help sea animals not go extinct. The ecosystem in the ocean is being destroyed quickly by everyone. According to National Geographic, millions of sea animals are killed because of plastic pollution. Seven hundred species and endangered species are affected by plastic pollution. Almost all seabirds, like the Albatross and Seagull to name a few, eat plastic. Additionally, carbon dioxide is making the oceans acidic. To decrease carbon dioxide emissions you can ride a bike and walk instead of using a car. Having less acidic oceans will help the sea animals. For example, if the water is less acidic, sea animals can detect predators. This is why we should keep the oceans clean. 

The other reason to keep the oceans clean is it will help keep the beaches clean. We can create a law that can prevent people from throwing garbage into the ocean and beaches. This law can prevent people from throwing garbage into the ocean because people can get fined for breaking the law. Additionally, forming community groups, who protect the sea animals, oceans, can help keep the oceans and surroundings clean because if a member of the community group sees garbage on the floor they will pick it up and put it in a recycling bin.

Lastly, some species go extinct, some other species can overpopulate and it will mess up the ecosystem. A reason why overpopulation is a problem is that fish will compete with their own species to eat. Furthermore, humans should care about sea animals dying out because we need them to eat. If we don’t have enough to eat we will die!

In essence, we should save the oceans because species will not go extinct, it will keep the beaches clean, and species will not overpopulate, and it will not mess up the ecosystem. Some people might be asking how I can support the oceans? Some things you can do are use reusable plastic products, pick up garbage and clean beaches, and join or donate to oceans organizations. So, do you want to see species die out because you don’t want to pick up your own garbage? If not, start caring about the ocean!