Legalize Abortion


Nora Javier, Staff Writer

Many people think that abortion means murdering a child or being inconsiderate to a person’s life so they protest until laws are made and abortion is banned. I wonder how they would feel if they were put in a difficult life-changing situation and had no options. Studies show that 3 in 10 American girls will get pregnant before the age of 20. That’s 750,000 teen pregnancies which are 750,000 children who are going to be raised by children. I believe abortion should be legal in all states.

It’s women’s bodies, so they get to decide whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. It’s a very long 9 months to then give birth that is very mentally and physically stressful to a woman’s overall health. As well as raising the kids for the next 18 years or so without any help from others. Given how stressful it is being a parent with the toll that giving birth is for a woman. It comes with risks of sickness and different medical illnesses women develop during or after birth that can affect women for the rest of their lives. 

Unwanted pregnancies can cause women who aren’t mentally, physically, or emotionally capable of taking care of kids, causing them to not raise their children and let them do whatever they want which leads them to go to the streets and get into trouble and go to jail. Not all women have the financial stability to care for a child so when they are single mothers without help from a partner or families that end up on food stamps which means that they’ll get the bare minimum to take care of a child they don’t have the money for. 

Access to legal abortions prevents the risk of death and injury for young women who want to terminate the pregnancy. Unlike many underground abortion clinics that give you the wrong information and medicine that can harm women for the rest of their lives. As well as because abortions are illegal in many states women have no option but to go to illegal underground abortions clinics where they don’t take the serious precautions that should happen in order to continue the procedure. This is inhumane and degrades female rights and puts them at risk of losing their lives.

All in all, abortions are a fundamental right that all women should have, many unwanted pregnancies affect society, and illegal abortions cause injury or even death.  These are the reasons why abortion should be legal in all states because overall people get affected without abortion. I imagine a world where women have a choice with their bodies and can have options with what to do when put in a possibly harmful situation. It is time to break down the ideas that abortions are murder and women should always have a child. Not all women are the same and always need an option for what’s best for them and their lives.