Respect and Love the LGBTQ Community


Daisy Auqui, Staff Writer

Many people feel the need to judge others based on their sexuality. Some who open up about their sexuality end up being criticized. No one has the right to judge a person’s sexuality.

The first reason you have no right to judge a person’s sexuality is you can end up hurting someone’s feelings. People who are members of the LGBTQ community might have that one person that they are going to trust to tell. But if the person doesn’t end up being supportive towards them they end up getting hurt because they expect them to be supportive and not to be rude and criticize them. Also, there are people out there who like to keep their sexuality private because they are scared that other people are going to judge their state of being. For example, if you were gay and you open up about your sexuality to your friend and then they say “Don’t ever talk to me or eww being gay is disgusting.” This would make a person scared to open up about their sexuality to others because they are afraid of being judged and criticized by other people. I think once you judge a person’s sexuality just stop and think whether or not that decision is right. Maybe you do not feel comfortable with someone telling you their sexuality but you can at least respect their confidence in them being brave to tell you about their sexuality. If you end up telling them you’re judging them, that’s where you can make them feel bad. They were so confident in telling you but you ended up having a different type of thinking than theirs. 

Another reason not to judge a person’s sexuality is to support them. You can end up giving them some confidence. That way they don’t have to be hiding from themselves or others around them. I think we can boost their confidence because then they will know that they have people in their corner rooting for them. They will know people who support them and care for them. Some tips for us to make them confident of their sexuality is by checking on them. That way they know that nothing has changed after they told you about their sexuality. We can also respect the type of decision that they made by opening up about their sexuality and just be cheerful for them. People also commit suicide when someone lets other people know about their type of sexuality. That’s because they are scared of what they are going to face from other people. This is an example of why we should make people with different sexuality feel comfortable because telling them that being LGBTQ is bad can lead those people to depression. We should be able to support them and be happy for them.

The final reason we should not judge someone’s sexuality is that we are all equal and nothing changes between us. There are kids, teenagers, adults, who are afraid to show their sexuality and that’s not right. They should have the right to go out in the world without fear and be able to show people who they are. We are all born the same except we have our differences from each other. Just because a person comes out with different sexuality than you doesn’t make us any more or less human.

In conclusion, we should all have respect for any type of sexuality. At the end of the day, we are all humans and no one is going to be worth more than the other even if their sexuality is different. There are going to be some people that are going to criticize or judge a person’s sexuality and think that’s okay, but it’s not. You should rethink it. Maybe you won’t support seeing a person describe themselves as LGBTQ, but at least you can be respectful towards them and not let your opinions of it affect the other person. The only thing that I would ask you to do is if you have a friend that is LGBTQ to just support them, cheer for them make them feel happy for who they are. Criticizing them is gonna make that person lose sight of who they are. It is time to change that. Let’s make them feel comfortable and make them have the bravery to show who they are.