Add Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Add Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Viviana Astudillo, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why there are only two gendered bathrooms when you stumble upon one in a hallway? Gender-neutral bathrooms are public bathrooms that are not separated by gender like most we see today. Gender-neutral bathrooms can benefit people that feel the need for them. We should have gender-neutral bathrooms everywhere, but people should still have the option to go into gender-specific bathrooms as well.

Gender-neutral people should have a place to feel comfortable when going to the restroom, so gender-neutral restrooms should be built. Whether it can be for trans people or others we still want everyone to feel comfortable when using the bathroom. I feel that bathrooms that are made to separate males and females are there to represent someone’s sex rather than how they feel and what gender they want to be. People that don’t represent themselves as male or female would feel uncomfortable when going to the bathroom that is mainly based on two genders that aren’t them. It makes me think that if there was a bathroom that doesn’t need two genders it would lead to a much shorter line.

Gender-neutral bathrooms can also help others that aren’t gender-neutral be in a more comfortable space. There could also be other problems that people that aren’t trans people have to go through. Maybe parents that have children of the opposite gender and want to use a gender-neutral bathroom. Another example is a transgender person that hasn’t gone through surgery and wants to go to the female’s bathroom but they feel they can’t yet because they appear male. They might not want to use the male’s bathroom either because they are dressed in feminine clothing or they don’t represent male at that very moment. They can feel really uncomfortable because there are going to be people staring at them for going to either bathroom. It would be far better for them to go to a bathroom and feel comfortable rather than a bathroom with a gender they don’t connect with. They can create a safer space for them to feel like they belong and not be forced to follow gender rules when using the bathroom.

In conclusion, I would like to have a bathroom that was built for others that need it. I really wanted to see that bathrooms be built near the other same-gender bathrooms. Although some won’t agree that it wouldn’t be necessary I can also see why people wouldn’t want them built. I have heard that people may take advantage of gender-neutral bathrooms. In 2012 Christopher Hambrook assaulted women in two homeless shelters in Toronto, gaining access by falsely claiming he was a trans woman. This can be a reason as to why people don’t want them built but that’s why we can change the way people act when gender-neutral bathrooms are built because we wouldn’t want people being assaulted in bathrooms stalls. Overall I am grateful that although there aren’t as many gender-neutral bathrooms in the world that I wanted, there is still enough somewhere that trans people feel comfortable. Let’s build more.