Electric Cars are Better than Gas Cars

Electric Cars are Better than Gas Cars

Roberto Ramos, Staff Writer

In ten years the air we breathe could be polluted because we are using gas vehicles but if we start using electric vehicles we could stop the air from being polluted. Multiple news sources have stated that electric cars could last for 15-20 years which is amazing and shows how you don’t always need to repair your car and how electric cars last longer and are better. In this article, I’ll prove to you how electric cars are better than gas cars.

Electric cars are better for the environment. They can help lower how much the US uses on oil. Out of the 9 billion barrels of oil consumed in the US in one year, two-thirds are used in transportation. Electric cars run on battery power to drive the vehicle but gas cars burn up gasoline and fossil fuels which cause climate change. Electric cars are charged by harnessing solar and wind power and they also have zero carbon emissions compared to gas cars.

In addition, electric cars are cost-effective and can lower your expenses. Electric vehicles have fewer parts which makes it simple to maintain the car while gas cars have more parts which can cost a lot. Electric vehicles don’t need an oil change or even a transmission. This means you don’t need a mechanic to fix your car because electric cars have a battery that can last up to fifteen years and you only use energy to charge the vehicle. The electric car could be charged at home and you’re not buying gas which could be expensive if you use your car daily.

Finally, electric cars have a better driving experience because the acceleration and deceleration are smoother, which makes the car comfortable and easy to handle. Also, electric cars are quiet and not as loud and annoying as gas vehicles. For example, electric vehicles can quietly go from 0-60 mph in less than ten seconds while most gas vehicles,

In conclusion, electric cars are superior to gas cars because they’re better for the environment, are cost-effective, and are comfortable to drive. In ten years, most people will use electric cars because of all of the advantages they come with. Do you want to get a head start and be ahead of your time? Then go ahead and buy an electric car today!