Abortion: The Choice


Darianni Cruz, Staff Writer

When it comes to abortion, worldwide religion has caused many differences between a lot of people. Many people use religion as an excuse to treat others like trash just because they believe that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but that’s not always the case. God also gave us free will. Religion is used against abortion because people especially the older generation like to say that it’s murder and that if you get an abortion you will go to hell. That’s just not the case. That is just another way to tell women what to do with their bodies and I’m not here for it. Abortion should be legal because there are many reasons why a woman might want to get one.

Trauma can cause someone to not want a child. For example, rape can cause a woman not to want a child!  Some people like to tell rape victims what to do when it comes to these decisions. By this, I mean telling the person how no matter what it’s still their child even if it wasn’t made under the best circumstances. I would rather someone get an abortion than have a child if they are going to make that child feel resented and unwanted. I say make the child feel resented or unwanted because the person that was raped might look at that child and see the face of the person that took advantage of them which can lead them to resent and even hate their child. Another form of trauma that can lead to someone getting an abortion is being in an abusive relationship. This is because the person carrying the child does want their child to grow up in that environment. That woman is saving it from the terrible living conditions it may come into this world to live. A person’s living conditions can cause them to want to get an abortion and hold off on having a child. Poverty leads to trauma because it can affect a person’s mental health and that can cause a person to have a mental breakdown and also get PTSD which in those conditions isn’t the best state for a person to have a child. Not to mention taking care of a child takes a lot of not only time and energy but also money. Financial stability is important when having a child and some people don’t have that, so they choose not to have a child so that it doesn’t suffer or struggle.

A medical reason can make it so someone has to get an abortion. A person’s mental stability can lead them to have an abortion. If a person is not mentally ready to have a child and they feel like having a child will negatively impact their mental health they can choose to not have a child. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is a leading cause of maternal death, which you can see why after a parent having a scare like this if they get pregnant again this may cause them to want to get an abortion for their health and their babies health. Being malnourished can cause a woman to want to get an abortion because caring for a baby requires extra energy and nutrients because the mother isn’t just taking care of her self but she is providing for her baby, so her being malnourished could cause her and the baby both to die.

Women should have the right to choose because it’s their body and they should be able to decide what is to be done to their bodies. Nobody else should have that choice. Adoption isn’t always a choice. Not to mention adoption isn’t always ideal or at least for some kids. This is important to consider because a woman might not want her child to be out there knowing what it’s like to be in the foster care system; not every child gets placed in the perfect home. Adoption could lead to things like sex trafficking. So abortion would just be an easier choice for a woman to make. It’s a woman’s body she should decide whether she is ready or want to give birth and care for another human being because not everyone wants a child and that’s okay, but to make them feel bad for getting rid of a child shouldn’t be the case. It’s better for that person to get an abortion than to have a child so that it ends up being resented and feels to blame. If a woman doesn’t have the right to choose what she chooses to do with her pregnancy according to Amnesty International it will just lead to more at-home abortions and it can cause more issues rather than solve them. For example, not only get rid of the child but the mother could also possibly die or be seriously hurt.

As a result, abortion should be accessible by all women because there are many reasons why a woman might want to get an abortion. If you say that abortion is murder then a mother should be able to apply for child support while the baby is still in utero. Then looking at ultrasound is child pornography. Make it make sense. Everyone should be allowed to make decisions for themselves and not told otherwise.