Stop Police Brutality


Samantha Urgiles , Staff Writer

If a police officer pointed a gun at you without a justified reason what would you do? Daunte Wright was a 20-year-old male shot on April 11, 2021. The officer is begin charged with second-degree manslaughter. Daunte is not the only victim. So many lives have been taken by police officers. It’s time to make a change in our police society; we don’t need another death from pulling a trigger.

Many people, especially people of color have been shot and killed for no justified reason. George Floyd was one of those people who died in police hands for using a fake 20 dollar bill, which is never a good reason to kill a person. George was not worth 20 dollars to the police. According to US News, 17% of the Black people who died at the hands of police did not have a weapon on them. This shows there was no danger to the community or danger to the police. This is devastating because innocent lives have been taken and could have been taken care of another way instead of pulling the trigger. Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old boy, was shot by the police in the chest for no good reason because his hands were up he was not threatening anyone. He was ready to be arrested and the cops found it easy to just shoot a young boy. Therefore he died and this needs to change. They could have tasered him or talked to the kid because he was not hurting anyone. He just ran which should not have cost him his life. He was scared and that does not give him the right to shoot the young boy. 

We need to change police brutality because people have lost their trust in police officers and dislike police officers. Many people now don’t call the police because they fear what the police can do to them because of what they see on the news: people dying in police hands. Unfortunately, many people have started riots and broke into many stores to express their hate towards police officers. Lots of police officers have used an unjustified amount of force and have hurt people and people don’t want that anymore and don’t want to get hurt. 

Another reason why we should change the police society is that many police officers are not educated well. Many officers are trained to know the difference between a gun and a taser. Most go through college and police academy. But some don’t learn or get bad training and people pay the consequences. Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old male was shot by the hands of Kimberly Potter because of confusion between a taser and a gun. This should have been prevented if there was longer training for these cases. So police officers should stay for more than 6-8 months in the academy. Officers should have a longer time in the police academy to know when is a good time to pull a trigger. Officers should use other equipment like speaking, taser, and pepper spray before pulling out a gun and taking a life. They should be trained to protect people, not kill them.

In conclusion, police officers should watch and pay attention to their actions because many lives have paid the price of an unjust and violent police society. Pulling a trigger is not the only option. We can help by going to protests and demanding a change. We need to do something. We can’t just wait until people die at the hands of the police. People can think police officers are just defending themselves but killing is not defending.  Would you like the world to be better? We need to help make a change when we see this type of action. People’s lives have been taken because we don’t make a change. I want to see people caring for each other. I want people to stand up against racisism. We need a change.