Wanda is the Strongest Avenger

Wanda is the Strongest Avenger

Yadier Lubo, Staff Writer

Wanda, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is one of the most dangerous and strongest Avengers. Wanda’s power far surpasses the Avengers when they work together because she is able to take the Avengers down by herself by controlling their minds. I believe Wanda is the strongest Avenger.

She is the strongest because she can control people all around her and people in her range. The show WandaVision showed the Scarlet Witch controlling the town of West View with 3,982 people in it by herself without any help. They were miserable and she controlled everything around with her powers. She did it for her love. She even pushed even further to past her limit and she was able to control more people that got in the circle.  Additionally, she’s able to telepathically move objects with her hand.  In the show and movies, her eyes turn red when she’s using this power.  

Additionally, Wanda is the strongest Avenger because she has chaos magic, which is the strongest kind of magic a witch has ever had in the Marvel Universe. In an episode of WandaVision, a witch that Wanda battled revealed that Wanda has chaos magic.  The witch explained that this ability allowed Wanda to kill people around with barely any effort and that her strength gave her the ability to destroy the world. When Wanda used her chaos magic against the other witch, the other witch was trying to take Wanda’s powers since she has chaos magic and then Wanda took all her magic back that the witch took and she defeated her with the power she wanted.

Lastly, Wanda is so powerful that she is dangerous.   While Wanda is an Avenger, she also defeated other Avengers by controlling their minds and making them see their worst nightmares come to life. Her powers are able to make cars fall from the sky and do energy blasts and her power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme and her destiny is to destroy the whole world.

In conclusion, Wanda is the strongest Avenger since she is very powerful because she is able to control minds and move objects with her hands. People might think Wanda is not the strongest Avenger but she was one of the few Avengers that almost killed Thanos. She can mind control thousands of people at once, and is the strongest witch. You guys might think Thor or Hulk or Captain Marvel might be stronger, but Wanda’s power can make them useless. For example, she put Hulk on a rampage while he didn’t know what he was doing and she also got to Thor’s head. A battle between her and Captain Marvel would be good but ultimately, I think Wanda would win because she can move objects telepathically, mind control Captain Marvel, or blast her to pieces. If you are ever interested in watching a Marvel movie and want to start with the story of the strongest Avenger, I highly recommend that you watch any movies with Wanda in them. You won’t be disappointed! When you finish watching the movies, I encourage you to watch the show WandaVision which will show you her true power.