Marvel Superheroes Are All Superior


Akyre Mcmillian , Staff Writer

Marvel superheroes stand out to people all over the world because of their superpowers and costumes. Some people may say “Marvel superheroes aren’t superior” but honestly they are. Why? Well maybe because of how the character growth with the characters is amazing. Also, how whatever superpower they have matches their personality pretty well. Lastly, the way the costumes also match their personalities. Therefore, Marvel superheroes are superior.

Marvel superheroes are superior because of their backstories and how different they are from normal people’s backstories. A good example of an amazing backstory in Marvel is Black Widow. Her mom threw her off a burning building to save her life. While almost hitting the end of the building a stranger caught her. Later, that stranger raised her and named her Natasha who turned out to be a super student-athlete and ballerina. Natasha later got married but that relationship didn’t work out so she faked her death and went to the red room, which brainwashed her and turned her into a spy. That’s where she got her name Black Widow. Another good back story is Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes served as Captain America’s sidekick. On a mission, Bucky Barnes was on a plane and it exploded leaving him dead. Bucky lost his left arm in the explosion, but the cold water he fell in preserved him until a Soviet submarine came and found him. When he was awakened decades later, Vasily Karpov brainwashed  Bucky to become an assassin killer. Later, while he was under Karpov’s spell he tried to kill his best friend Captain America aka Steve Rogers. Lastly, Doctor Strange. He was a highly successful but arrogant surgeon whose brilliant career was cut short by a car accident. He suffered nerve damage to his hands that left him unable to work as a surgeon. He was desperate for a cure, so he went to meet a healer called the Ancient One. One day, Doctor Strange figured out one of the Ancient One’s men, Baron Mordo, was out to kill The Ancient One so Doctor Strange warned her. After The Ancient One killed off Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange took Baron Morden as the Sorcery Supremacy Aka Doctor Strange. Therefore, Marvel superheroes’ backstories are unique and interesting.

Marvel superheroes have unique costumes that make them stand out from other people. For example, the Iron Man suit provides superhuman strength. Iron Man’s suit has durability, jet boots, powered flight, and repulsor beams in gauntlets. It also has chest-mounted uni beams and an armored underlayer which are incorporated into Iron Man’s body. This lets him control Iron Man remotely. Another example is Black Panther’s suit. His mask has night vision and it also has gloves to expel gases. His vibranium boots enable him to land from great heights. The vibranium in his costumes makes bullets or other impacts lose power. Also, it has Wakanda technology enabled, which gives them a higher chance of beating the villain. The Iron Spider’s suit is capable of gliding through the air with underarm webbing. According to the Marvel Encyclopedia, “his webs extrude biodegradable gossamer filaments in flight, which may extend up to 66ft (20m).” These promote controlled gliding and automatically detach when they are no longer needed. Lastly, the armor employs 17 different layer types. It also includes temperature controls, moisture pumps, a sensor layer, CPU layer, communication layer, power management, and a diamond nitrile overcoat to enhance wall-crawling abilities.

Marvel superheroes have different powers that make them different from normal people. A good example is the Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff. She can affect probability fields and cause unlikely events to occur. This means she can create Chaos Magic and she can create different realities. Also, she can make objects burst into flames, rust, or decay. Her “Hex Bolts” can also deflect flying objects and disrupt energy and transmission or fields. Another great example is Captain Marvel. She possesses the ability to fly and also has enhanced strength. She also possesses damage resistance and the ability to absorb and re-channel energy. Lastly, we have Thor. He has the power of enhanced strength, longevity, and vast magical abilities provided by the Odin Force. He can wield the unbreakable hammer of Mjolnir, which can open interdimensional portals. Lastly, he can permit flight, channel storms, and lastly fire an energy blast. Finally, Marvel superheroes are superior when it comes to unique powers. 

In conclusion, Marvel superheroes are superior because of their outstanding costumes, unique superpowers, and lastly their amazing backstories. Some people argue that Marvel superheroes aren’t superior. However, many of their superhero costumes aren’t like any other superhero costumes because their costumes match their personality. Others may say their superpowers are wack, but Marvel finds a way to make superpowers of something we never heard before. It’s time for people to realize Marvel superheroes are superior. I would advise people to take a step forward and watch more Marvel movies or read a comic.