Why Aren’t You Watching Anime?

Why Arent You Watching Anime?

Xochitl Rodriguez

 Many people on social media say that anime is boring or wack and say it’s for kids. But the real question is have they ever seen anime or at least tried to watch anime? One year ago the pandemic started and many people started watching anime because they were expanding their interests. While being stuck at home due to a global pandemic is one reason many people got into anime, I’ll explain many other reasons you should become a fan too!  

You should watch anime because it’s fun to watch. When the pandemic started, I noticed that a lot of people got into anime. Many people started to watch things such as Naruto or Saiki K because they really enjoyed how fun and exciting it was to watch. According to an article on the website This Is Local London, many children and adults enjoy watching anime. There are different genres of anime such as comedy, horror, and romance so you can begin watching shows that align with your tastes.

Furthermore, you should watch anime because your favorite artists like watching anime. The article “Anime Underground Ranker” revealed that Ariana Grande liked the anime Spirited Away so much that she even got Chihiro from Spirited Away tattooed onto herself. Also, the article “FAN BUTTON” states that the boy group BTS, who are famous for their amazing music and their awesome dance moves, love anime. For example, Jimin, a member of the group, has said that his favorite anime is One Piece, which is an anime about pirates and their journey to the East Blue Sea.

Lastly, anime can expand your interest in many different things like languages, art, and cosplay.  Many people nowadays learn a new language through what they see and anime helps people learn Japanese, English, Spanish, and so on. Personally, I have been picking up a lot of phrases from my favorite animes. In addition, recent anime fans have developed art skills because their favorite shows inspire them to draw their favorite shows and their favorite characters. Also, several anime fans also branch out into cosplay. Cosplay is when people dress up as anime characters and there are conventions where lots of people go which become fun opportunities to make new friends. 

In conclusion, you should start watching anime because anime is fun to watch, many of your favorite artists watch anime, and it could help expand your interests. You must be wondering where you can watch anime? Funimation and CrunchyRoll are where you can watch or even on YouTube. Tubi also has a variety of anime that you can watch. I challenge you to start watching anime and I promise you that you won’t regret watching it.