The Use Of The Death Penalty


Hazel Baker , Staff Writer

How would you feel if you or a family member you loved got the death penalty when they were innocent or because the justice system is discriminatory? Minorities and people who have killed a white person are more likely to get the death penalty making it unfair and unjust. The United States should make the death penalty illegal. 

The death penalty doesn’t deter people from committing the same crimes. There is no evidence that the death penalty is more effective in deterring crime than life imprisonment. According to the death penalty information center, states without the death penalty actually have lower murder rates than states with the death penalty. Why do we use the death penalty if it does nothing to stop murders?

Not everyone who gets the death penalty is guilty. Some people may actually be innocent and you’ll never know until a new piece of evidence comes up and by then they might be dead. This is horrible and it’s not worth the risk of killing innocents just to kill the guilty. There are other ways to punish people besides the death penalty like life in prison. If there is life in prison it allows the innocent to live and maybe even be freed if they are proven innocent. In 1976 138 people got pulled off of death row that were innocent. Some of them were minutes close to dying.

The death penalty is discriminatory against minorities. People that have limited legal representation or don’t have experience with the justice system are more likely to get the death penalty. These types of people are the minorities which in the U.S include African Americans and Latinos/Hispanics. The death penalty is more likely to be given to a minority, racial, ethnic, or religious. This is discriminatory and not fair. We should not trust a system that discriminates against certain people.

In conclusion, we should abolish the death penalty because it is discriminatory, doesn’t deter crime, and can kill innocents. The death penalty should not be used. Minorities of any kind are most likely to get the death penalty and if it was a white person killed the murderer is more likely to get the death penalty. Life in prison without parole is just as effective and is much more beneficial. The world doesn’t need the death penalty to stay safe.