Society Must Change How It Views Women


Victoria Fermin, Staff Writer

I turn on my TV and watch the news while there are stories about females committing suicide because of society’s beauty standards. Or females getting raped. I turn on my phone and go on Instagram, and all I see is one body type that is considered beauty. But on different body types, the comments are rude and extremely unacceptable. Even on young girls’ posts, there are comments sexualizing children. I go outside and see guys catcalling women and girls saying things about their bodies. I hear conversations between young boys and grown men talking about how they lead on and manipulate females by acting like they care for them, but all they want is sexual pleasure from them. This is wrong. Society has to change how women are looked at.

The internet promotes only one body type and how women are supposed to look, but there is not only one form of beauty. When on the internet all you see is one way a woman can be beautiful it influences how people think of others and how they find them attractive. However, all body types and all women, in general, are beautiful. There should be no specific way on how to look because everyone is different. Additionally, there are negative effects of female beauty standards.  Women and even girls could hurt themselves trying to look like these standards. For example, starving yourself to lose weight or forcing yourself to eat too much to gain weight. Also, many females will buy products, such as makeup or creams, to try and look a certain way, some even get surgery.

Another reason why society needs to change how women are looked at is when women feel restricted in wearing clothes they want to wear. Women can feel like they can’t wear certain clothes such as tight, baggy, or items that are considered too “revealing” because of their body or just because of society’s beauty standards constantly restricting and sexualizing them.  If a female shows too much skin they are considered a “whore, thot, hoe, etc…”. If they do not show as much skin they are considered scared or “not feminine”. I believe that either way clothes do not define you. If I wear male clothing it does not make me a male. Why are females expected to wear “feminine” clothing and males to wear “masculine” clothing?

The third reason we need society to change is that the way the system makes women be shown as if they are only worth their bodies, it can make younger people grow up having sexual ideas about what a woman is.  A woman is a human being as well, but they are looked at as an object by many people. For example, when looking for a female partner people tend to look for what they want their body to look like. Instead of looking for personality or character traits.  According to the boys in my school, they expect young girls to have bodies like models. If we don’t we are made fun of, put down, called things like ugly, and are described as worthless. If a girl is skinny, she is “all bones, weak, skeleton, anorexic”. If a girl’s weight exceeds the beauty standards people have created, she is told that she is “a pig, fat, to lose some weight…”  Lastly, I would like to finish this off with one of the worst ways society has made people think about females. Rape and sexual assault. So many sexual crimes against women and young girls in the world are happening too often. As I have mentioned earlier, many people have the idea that if a woman is dressing a certain way that is showing too much skin they are slut-shamed. In cases of sexual assault or rape, they can be blamed based on what they were wearing. Females should be looked at as humans, not objects.

In conclusion, society needs to change how women are looked at because the internet is only promoting one body type, females are being restricted on what they wear and they are being sexualized by people. Solutions that can bring change would be to spread way more body positivity on social media. One example is that big creators and influencers can start posting their bodies with their “flaws”.  Another solution could be that women don’t let themselves get disrespected even in a relationship. If you are getting sexualized and disrespected, stand up for yourself and step away from that person in a way that is safe. Another solution is that if you see someone or even your friend is getting affected by any of this, you should help them defend themselves.  I can imagine a world where beauty standards do not exist and where women’s bodies and images are respected. If you agree, please spread awareness in whatever way you could.  Females are human too.