Dogs Are Better Than Cats


Yandel Lubo, Staff Writer

People will say cats are better than dogs but they are wrong. My dog likes to be pet by others and I like to sleep with her. She likes to go outside and likes to take walks. If my dog does break something she is not supposed to break and she has it in her mouth and my mom tells her to let it go and she does then she gets a treat. If you also think dogs are better than cats then just sit here and read my essay. But if you think cats are better than dogs I bet I can change your mind.

Dogs are more affectionate than cats. It is easy for people to show love and affection for their dogs. Dogs show their love through body language and actions. For example, they will give you kisses and wag their tail when they are happy. Most dogs tolerate kisses from their owners very well. Some may even come to associate kisses with love and attention, and quite a few even enjoy kisses from their people. They’ll usually show their pleasure by wagging their tails, looking alert and happy, and licking you back. 

Cats are more likely to shed more fur than dogs. We should care that cats shed fur because they can cause allergies to some people. We should also care because they leave a lot of hair behind and that could be bad sometimes because if you are going to have a party you have to clean everything the cat has got on or touch because they leave hair. Also, we should care because Felines usually lose more hair in spring, as the weather warms. But cats also shed because of medical issues such as stress, poor diet, allergies, medication, infection, and sunburn.

Dogs are trained better than cats.  When it comes to cat vs. dog training, dogs are generally the easier of the two to train.  I think this because dogs are better at listening. They are like wolves because wolves and dogs are similar in a way because wolves need to follow a leader just like dogs follow an owner. They have a leader to follow so that is why they learn fast. Another reason is that dogs could learn tricks and funny things but cats only learn how to use a litter box.

Owning a cat isn’t really that much different from not owning a cat. They’re naughty, they’re temperamental and most of the time they act like you don’t exist. On the other hand, dogs are loyal, cuddly, goofy, and best of all, love you no matter what. Dogs are much more fun to play with than cats. Something that dogs can do that cats can’t play with you. If you are a playful person then you will love dogs. But if you still like cats but you are an active person that likes to go on runs then you will also love dogs. If you are a person that wants to cuddle after a long day a dog is right for you. I challenge you to buy a dog and trust me you won’t regret it.