Ending Sexual Assault

Ending Sexual Assault

Yomisell Martinez , Staff Writer

Every 73 seconds, a person is sexually assaulted. Most likely, that victim is a child. Sexual assault is a behavior that is worldwide, According to CDC, 1 in 3 women are a victim of sexual assault and 1 in 4 men are a victim of sexual assault. We need to stop it to create a safer world for women, men, and children by putting an end to sexual assault. 

Sexual assault needs to stop because it can affect people later in life. Trauma from sexual assault can have a big impact on somebody’s life. It can lead to mental disorders, depression, substance abuse, etc. Long-term effects from sexual violence can be hard because it can cause severe emotions. Providing support and creating a safe environment from society like in schools, work, etc for victims is essential for their mental health. These spaces are important because supportive groups of people can help victims understand that it was never their fault. Programs can be really beneficial for victims of sexual assault. For example, An organization called RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization, provides 24/7 support. These types of organizations can be very helpful towards victims of sexual violence because it allow the victim to feel safe.

Additionally, recognizing that sexual assault is occurring and stepping in is the key to ending assaults. Sexual assault can happen to anybody no matter who you are or what you identify as. This needs to stop. A bystander is a person who is present in the situation but isn’t actually involved. They are the witness for that situation. To stop assault, people need to stop being bystanders and step into situations where a person is being hurt.

Lastly, in order to stop sexual assault, we need to recognize that this horrible behavior occurs all around the world. Data collected in 2018 showed that between the years 2000-2018, 30% of women that lived in 161 countries were touched without consent or were physically violated by their partner. If a person does not want to advance sexually with their partner, it shouldn’t be a thing where they are forced or pressured to do what they don’t want to do. There are some ways to prevent IPV from occurring like educating young children, having programs that support survivors. All of these suggestions to prevent sexual assault can help somebody. Victims of sexual assault need justice. 

In conclusion, sexual assault must end to create a safer environment for the future because it’s a horrible global issue. Sexual assault has long terms effect’s which is traumatic for the victim. Raising awareness about sexual assault is amazing because it can educate communities on how to prevent it. Preventing sexual assault can be hard but there are ways you can be an ally to sexual violence survivors. If you’re in a situation where you see sexual assault occurring, step in and don’t be silent. Making a change can be beneficial because if you see somebody getting hurt you are a “bystander” which means you are not necessarily that one in the scene but you are a witness. If you see something, DO something. Don’t be a bystander!