Free Demetrius! The squirrel stuck in the HGMS window. A short non-fiction story


Benjamin B., Staff Writer

Demetreus Demarkus Barthelomew James III Jr. was a grayish-black squirrel that was discovered and named by Alex of 602. It was stuck in the window of the cafeteria, next to the door we enter through at the start of the day. It did not seem scared of us, probably because it wanted us to feed it, or maybe because it wanted us to let it out. Later during lunch, a teacher yelled at us to sit down, we tried to tell him about the squirrel, but he didn’t seem to care. I remembered I had a lion king rehearsal after school, so I checked back then, and it was still there. It seemed to have gotten stuck at the top of the section in between the window. 

The next day, Alex and I checked on the squirrel again, and it was still there. It was stuck in the same position.  We were shocked! Nothing much happened for the rest of the period.

The next day, Demetrius wasn’t there. His fate will be forever unknown. His corpse removed by the custodian, or the squirrel finally getting freedom. It is my hope that Demetrius escaped and found some nice nuts and other food. Maybe one of us will see him again one day. Farewell and good luck dear squirrel.