School Lunch at Hamilton Grange

School Lunch at Hamilton Grange

Hazel Baker, Staff Writer

“It’s disgusting, it’s super salty. I’ve never seen real food served. For example, the rice is always fried.” 

This is the opinion of the 7th-grade student Marcely Rojas who has opted out of eating the school lunch.

Marcely goes to lunch with the other 7th graders during 7th period after 20 minutes of recess. While she brings her own lunch most of the 7th graders get in line for the school lunch when the teachers call their class or don’t eat at all. The cafeteria workers serve the kids and then clean the cafeteria after the kids leave.

Principal Benjamin Lev believes that the food could be healthier and taste better.

“Could the meals be better? Absolutely. I wish we had non-fried options… I wish there were days when we didn’t have rice and pasta and french fries on the same plate,” he said. 

Even though Mr. Lev believes that the school lunch could be better, he thinks teachers would eat it if it didn’t cost money.

“Technically we’re supposed to pay for lunch and I think that’s what prohibits teachers from eating it more,” he said. 

Some of the teachers bring lunch from home and others buy outside lunch. One teacher even stated that they would eat the school lunch.

“I do think I would eat lunch if it was free, especially if I forgot mine at home,” 7th-grade Humanities teacher Leopold Spohngellert said. 

Most teachers either buy lunch from somewhere close to the school or bring their own. They don’t want to pay for a school lunch or don’t like the lunch that is served. Some teachers are vegan or vegetarian and can’t eat some of the school lunch. 

The cafeteria workers, however, eat the school lunch and feel that it is ok for the kids to eat.

“It’s healthy…Some of the food kids are allergic to but otherwise, the food is good,” cafeteria worker Maria Victoria Puello said. 

When asked if she eats the school lunch, she said that she does.  

The cafeteria workers prepare the food for the lunch period before the kids come. The food is delivered every Monday and Wednesday.

“We get them twice a week. The delivery guy comes Monday and Wednesday,” Victoria said. 

The food comes in boxes and plastic bags and none of it is cooked fresh on-site it is all precooked or comes bagged, like the salads.

“They come in bags and in plastic bags… Some of them come precooked,” Victoria said. 

Marcely thinks that the food should be fresh since the government  spends so much money on lunches

“For the money that the government is giving them, they could definitely buy fresh fruits and vegetables,Marcely said.