How To Get Straight A’s

How To Get Straight As

Sharlene Almanzar, Staff Writer

Here’s a scenario. The bell rings, you sit down and start working. However, there’s a problem. You can’t focus, and you find yourself talking to others, and not understanding the topic. Later on, you start borderline passing on your coursework. Does this seem similar? Here’s why and how to improve your grades.

Most students may experience this in the classroom, not only in Hamilton Grange (HGMS). 

7th-grade student Hazel Baker shared her opinions on school-related pressure.

“I feel that there’s a lot of pressure on 7th graders because this is the year that high schools are judging…it’s definitely the state test that matters, grades, and attendance, stuff like that,” she explained.

 Hazel said she does not have a work schedule. She said whatever time you can get your work done, do it. It’ll really increase your grades.

“It’s normally whenever I can [do homework] because… it’s more of a ‘get these things done’, it doesn’t matter when just to get them done.” she said.

7th-grade Humanities teacher Julianny Gomez hopes to help students that have trouble with their coursework.

“Please advocate for yourself… if you are having trouble focusing, please find time to speak one on one on one with a trusted adult, and let them know you’re having trouble focusing,” she said.

Sometimes students don’t have the time to do their work or don’t have a great working environment. Ms. Gomez suggested what to do when you can’t focus. 

“I find that when I have to work I have to be at an isolated space, where I don’t have any distractions… If you have an assignment due in a few days, maybe taking 15-20 minutes each day, to do a little bit of the assignment. So at the same time I’m not overwhelmed, but finishing it on time,” she said. 

At times students go upstairs during their recess time to make up or re-do assignments. That is an amazing opportunity to make that 83 percent you got on an exit ticket, to 100 percent.