Several Teachers Depart HGMS


Tayvion Alexander-Santos, Staff Writer

Several teachers left Hamilton Grange for new opportunities this year.

The teachers that left Hamilton Grange include Ms. Maxie, Mx. Sanchez, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wingate, Ms.Fernandez, Ms. Batista, Ms. Sam, Mr. Kim, Ms. Angie, Ms. Hanson, Ms. Amwako, and  Mr. Matts. All these teachers left for their own reasons. 

Former Humanities teacher Kassidy Maxie left HGMS to pursue a new teaching career. I got a chance to interview her and she stated, “I regret leaving HGMS because I miss my coworkers and I miss my students. You guys became my family.” 

Ms. Maxie was known as a great teacher many students liked her. Many students were devastated when she left. 

When I was interviewing Ms. Maxie I asked her if HGMS helped her as a teacher and her response was, “It definitely supported my skills as a teacher.” 

Ms.Maxie was a lovable teacher and many students miss her. At her new school Business Of Sports School, she is an 11th grade ELA teacher.

Former gym teacher Jason Wingate left HGMS to go work for the Dallas Mavericks. Mr. Wingate is a trainer and helps the players stay fit and in shape.

Former science teacher Genevieve Fernandez left HGMS because she got the opportunity to work at her son’s school. She is now working at Mott Hall High School.

Other teachers have left to pursue opportunities outside of teaching youth such as teaching adults or taking care of their families. 

Principal Benjamin Lev also had some insight and knowledge of the teachers who left. 

Mr. Lev stated, “This was a decision that I made with these teachers. It wasn’t a decision where I said: ‘You need to leave’ or they said: ‘I need to get out of here.` It was a decision we made collectively.” 

8th-grade student Jalen Stanley had some things to say about the teachers who left. 

He stated, “ I miss the old teachers. I miss Ms. Maxie, I miss Ms. Quela, I miss Mx. Sanchez and I mostly miss Mr. Wingate.” 

He also said, “All the teachers that left were really good teachers.”