How the Hamilton Grange Basketball Team Could Improve


Jalen Stanley, Staff Writer

Two years ago the basketball team was hard to beat but did not make it to the playoffs. The same thing happened last year.  Do you want to know how the Hamilton Grange basketball team could get better for the upcoming season?

Coach Antonio Aquino explained that two years ago there was too much trash talk.

“Two years ago our team was talented but we would always talk trash to each other saying that they’re better and who is trash and we ended up losing the playoffs,” he said. 

It would also help if the basketball team had practice every day. If the basketball team had practice every day then they would be in shape before the actual season started. The team would be hard to beat and would be able to make their dream come true to make it to the finals.  

Coach Antonio explained that the team would get into shape if they had practice every day. The team could also double up the time we could have practice, so we could be more in shape. He would also push us to work harder in practice.

“Always practice to succeed throughout the season,” said Coach Antonio. 

What he means is to always practice on or off the court and always play hard and play smart. That means that the team needs to work as hard as it can before the season starts. 

“Even though if you play against people that’s way bigger than you that doesn’t mean that you back down so quickly Just keep playing basketball and play aggressive and have fun,” said Coach Antonio. 

I spoke with 8th-grade basketball player Tayvion Santos and 6th-grade basketball player Kareem Kelly. They said if they ran for three hours each practice they would be in shape. If they would do pushups they would be hard to beat. What I also heard is that our team could be the hardest and fastest team to beat.    

Kareem said, “It’s my first time playing against different schools so it would be a little challenging because we might go against people that are bigger or better so the only thing that we need to do is to keep working.’’ 

Tayvion said he wants a winning season. 

“The team would try to come up with a good record since there are 10 games in the season. Last year’s record we were able to have 6 wins and 4 losses. But then two years ago we were 8 and 2,” he said.