Halloween Costumes and Why They Are Banned

Halloween Costumes and Why They Are Banned

Andres Perez, Staff Writer

Do you like Halloween?

Would you like to know why it’s banned in our school?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then this is the article for you

Students at Hamilton Grange are not allowed to wear Halloween costumes on Halloween because the school wants no one to feel left out. They also think that the uniform shows that everyone is on the same team. 

Assistant Principal Scott Moore said that as a leader he wants to make everyone comfortable while they are in school

“If you were the one person who doesn’t like Halloween we wouldn’t want you to feel left out,” he said.

Many students don’t think kindly of the rule and want to wear costumes, or don’t think anything is wrong with it but most of them get that some people can’t celebrate it or don’t like the holiday personally.

7th Grade student Kelvin DeJesus said, “The rule is stupid and I don’t like that the school is trying to capitulate kids.”

I also asked Mr. Scott about lifting the rule for one year.                                                

“If we lifted it once it will send an unfair message,” he said.

Kelvin believes that those who don’t celebrate Halloween shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else.

“Kids should be able to celebrate during school,” he said.