Phone Policy at Hamilton Grange


Dylan Wagner, Staff Writer

Do you want to know about the phone policy at our school, and how long it gets taken away, well keep on reading!

Teachers are the ones who take away phones. They take away phones during class, lunch, gym, and more. They take away phones during the school hours 8:40 am to 3:00 pm.

I interviewed Principal Benjamin Lev about the phone policy in Hamilton Grange.

Mr. Lev said phones can be giant distractions in school in many ways.

“I don’t disapprove of phones. I have one myself, but during the school day, I feel like our energy can be better used conversing with one another face to face, concentrating on our classes,” he said. 

Mr. Lev also said that if a parent or guardian texts or calls, you should not answer. 

“No, because most of them have my cell phone, they have Dojo, and more. There is no reason for them to be calling you,” he said. 

Phones in school can cause drama. A fight almost happened in this school over phones. 

“There was an incident that thankfully nothing happened but there was a lot of trash-talking back and forth. In the parlance of 8th-grade people were ‘throwing subs’ back and forth on social media and that almost caused a fight,” Mr. Lev said. 

Mr. Lev takes away phones till 3:00 pm. He will keep the phone for the whole day.

Recently, I interviewed 8th-grade student Wilson Almonte and he had a few things to say about the phone policy.

Wilson said, “I got my phone taken away 4 times before.” 

I asked him if he thinks it is fair to take away phones. He said, “I don’t think it is fair because technically it is yours.” 

So this shows students have different perspectives. In conclusion, students and teachers have different views about the phone policy in Hamilton Grange Middle School.