New Faces at HGMS

New Faces at HGMS

Frankie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Will you come here to teach? That’s what many people heard when they switched subjects or grades or when they got hired to teach at Hamilton Grange during the summer.

Some teachers heard they will now teach at Hamilton Grange. The reason teachers were hired to teach here at HGMS is that some teachers left the school, so they needed to find more teachers. Some old teachers had to switch to new roles because of all the changes happening at the school.

New 6th-grade math teacher Deborah Leidermann said, “Mr. Lev told me to switch from 8th to 6th. At first, I didn’t want to but then I decided that I will switch.”

Now instead of teaching 8th grade, she is teaching 6th grade as a math teacher. Math is the only subject she wants to teach.

“Math is the only thing I learned to teach because I used to study business and in business, you do a lot of math,” she said.

Some teachers left their old school to try something new. 7th-grade Humanities teacher Leopold Spohngellert said, “I wanted to try something new and I knew that Principal Lev was doing great things here so I asked if I could interview here and so iI came and I interviewed and luckily he said I can come teach here.”

Some teachers who came to teach this year or switched roles were Ms. Leidermann, Mr. Spohngellert, and Mr. Marshall. Many students have already gotten to know all these teachers many really like these new teachers.

The new teachers here love their students.

Mr. Spohngellert said, “I love the students in this school. I can tell that every student here wants to achieve something.”