All About 6th Graders!

All About 6th Graders!

Kareem Kelly, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be a sixth-grader at Hamilton Grange Middle School? Well if yes, you would probably want to hear all about 6th graders and former 6th graders.  

7th-grade student Andres Perez said that last year he was nervous about 6th grade and all the new things that they didn’t have in his old school, and new teachers and students. 

Andres said, “It was a totally different era, but once I knew the work was not hard, I could get straight A’s”.

Andres also said, “I still had people from my old school who came to Hamilton Grange.” 

Because it was a new school, most 6th graders thought it would be hard to get to know the teachers and classes. Once the students got to know everything and what classes they had and what the school was about, middle school life felt simpler. 

To get to know the school before the first day of school, some students attended an orientation, went on a trip, or their siblings told them about it. 

6th-grade student Nina Stanley spoke about the first day of school. 

“It was okay but it was hard, learning where to go and it was only the first day, but the teachers help you with it,” she said. 

Nina also spoke about meeting new people. 

“I met this girl named Ciana and the first impression was that she was funny,” Nina said. 

Andres said, “The school here is great. My favorite grade is actually 7th grade because it is more new than 6th.”