Pride At Hamilton Grange

Pride At Hamilton Grange

Nina Stanley, Staff Writer

The person I’m interviewing is Jocelyn Rivers who is in 6th grade. She said she feels wonderful about being LGBTQ.

I asked Jocelyn if she ever gets bullied for being LGBTQ she said she does not get bullied for being LGBTQ because the people she hangs out with support her for who she is.

I asked her what she does in the Pride Club. She said they help charities and they talk about different topics, including sex. 

Jocelyn said, ”We should respect everyone and we should treat everyone how we want to be treated.”

I asked Jocelyn how Pride Club Advisor Julianny Gomez makes members of the Pride Club feel. 

She said, “She makes us comfortable about being LGBTQ.”

Jocelyn said, “It does it matter if we are different we should still treat everyone good.”

I asked Ms. Gomez a few questions like what they do in the Pride Club she explained that as the advisor of the Pride Club, her job is to create lessons and fun activities that teach students about LGBTQ history, activism, civil rights, and culture.

I asked Ms. Gomez how she feels working in the Pride Club she said it makes her happy to be the advisor of the Pride Club because when she was in middle school she did not have access to a safe space where she could be herself and learn about queer history and culture.

I also asked Ms.Gomez how students who are LGBTQ feel at Hamilton Grange. She said, “The students that I know are queer at Hamilton Grange tend to feel very comfortable because they have a space like the Pride Club to express themselves.”