Why We Have Uniforms


Jason Robledo, Staff Writer

Have you ever got tired of wearing uniforms every day? At Hamilton Grange, the uniform policy is any shirt with a Hamilton Grange logo, or a plain shirt with Hamilton Grange colors (blue, gray, or yellow). 

Students always have to wear a uniform every day. If you don’t wear a uniform they will bring you to the main office to get a uniform. Principal Benjamin Lev said the uniform is supposed to be worn every day.

Mr. Lev said that they try to provide uniforms to all the kids.  

“They have a lot of uniforms in storage at the main office,” he said.

According to Mr. Lev, the school has done everything in its power to provide kids with uniforms. Mr. Lev said the uniform represents us. 

7th-grade student Alpha Diallo said the uniforms show we are a community. 

“It makes us a community because just in case we get lost in a trip and no one knows where we are they know by the shirt and logo,” he said.  

The company that makes the uniforms is called Polito Sports. They base the price on how long it took for them to make it. 

Mr. Lev said his friend made the logo for the uniforms. The school also had the students design sweaters.

Hamilton Grange began to let students wear the gym uniform (including sweatpants) 6 years ago. Mr. Lev said it’s easier to wear a uniform because you don’t have to worry about what you want to wear.

Alpha said we should be able to express ourselves sometimes. He also said on overnight trips you can wear whatever you want. 

In conclusion, we need some days without uniforms, but uniforms help you avoid going crazy about what you want to wear and it helps us have a community in our school.