Track Team Attends TCS Run With Champions

Sharlene Almanzar, Staff Writer

On November 1, 2019, the Hamilton Grange Middle School track team went to a Rising New York Road Runners event that took place in Central Park. At the event, there was face painting, mini-games, and most important of all, the 400-meter race at the end. 

All that attended, were being “cheered on by pro athletes, peers, and the NYRR staff members.” Everyone got to participate in fun activities like face painting, relay and egg races, and other obstacle courses. 

Coach and 7th-grade science teacher Sage Hunter explained what this whole event was about.

It’s the TCS Run with Champions in which over 1,000 Rising New York Road Runners from NYC schools race 400 meters to the NYC marathon finish line, cheered on by pro athletes, peers, and the NYRR staff members,” she said. 

 Ms. Hunter described what the Track team does and why you should join them.

“Our track team is all about staying fit, setting and achieving personal fitness goals and supporting and encouraging our teammates,” she said. 

7th grader Rosbelkis Acosta said that track is actually really fun and it’s one way to connect with others. 

“It’s an experience because you get to exercise and be healthy and meet new people; the coaches are positive and energetic,” she said. 

Rosbelkis also felt that the Track events they did were a great way to let the stress and pressure out.

“It was a good way of letting out stress because I personally really like running and sometimes exercising,” she said. 

However, according to Ms. Hunter, the track team isn’t only about running and exercising.

 “We practice mindfulness by appreciating the beauty that surrounds us on our runs and reflecting about our day and practice at the end of our workouts,” she said.