Recess Sellers


Andres Perez, Staff Writer

Do you buy food at recess?

Do you buy it every day? 

Do you think it’s unhealthy?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then this is the article for you! Every day at Hamilton Grange students buy and eat food that people sell in the recces yard. Some think that people shouldn’t sell the food there because it is unhealthy but some think otherwise. 

For example, 6th-grade student Nina Stanley thinks that the food should not be banned and they should sell the food closer to the school and maybe some food should be free.

“Sometimes we don’t even go outside and some students get mad that they can’t buy anything,” she said.

Some students only eat the food they buy outside and don’t eat the school lunch Sometimes if students don’t have money they might not even eat anything during lunch. 

6th-grade student Jason Robledo thinks that the food should be free outside.

Jason said, “Sometimes I don’t have enough money to buy food so I have to ask friends.”

HGMS Founding Teacher Shakira Lleras is one of the main teachers that goes outside to watch students. She thinks that the food isn’t good for the kids.

“Unfortunately, I know that the food sold outside is unhealthy because most of it is very high in sugar, salt and fat. The drinks are also unhealthy (except water) as they are extremely high in sugar and provide none of the nutrition our bodies need to function,” she said.

Ms. Lleras also said that especially for the seventh grade she gets that students are really hungry and can’t wait to eat but the students should also know what is too much food.

“By 7th period, I know students are very hungry, so I understand why students rush out to buy food. I also know that for some students, the pastelitos are a food they are used to having in their house, so it seems like a familiar type of food. Many students who buy food outside then come inside and eat food in the cafeteria, including things like fruit and salad” she said.

She also said that she buys the food herself but only occasionally and she understands why students love them so much.

“I have been known to buy the occasional pastelito when I have not had a chance to have lunch. I love them just as much as the students!” she said.