HGMS Soccer Team Reaches Semifinals

Frankie Melendez, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 15 the HGMS Varsity Boys Soccer team made it to the playoffs with a regular record of 15-0. They went undefeated for 15 games. Little did they know the playoff games were much harder than they thought. 

In the round of 16, they were losing 3-0 in the first half, but they made a comeback with a winning score of 6-3. 

On they went to the quarter-finals where they won with a score of 3-1. 

On Thursday, October 17th the team had 2 games. The boys’ soccer team won the first and lost the second which determined they would not make it to the finals. 

I interviewed Coach Tony about the playoff experience. 

Coach Tony said he was really proud of the result with all the games even though we lost the second game of the semi-finals. He also said even when we lose we are the bigger team than the opponent.

I also interviewed defender Martin Melgarejo about the playoffs. Martin said we could’ve won if we were actually training because some people didn’t take the practices really seriously.

“We played really well in the playoffs and we were really tired during the second game because the first game we were working really hard and having back to back games is very tiring. But I am very proud of our result even though we lost,” he said. 

Coach Tony awarded MVP awards to Hugo, Charlie, and Abdoul. They were awarded MVP because they scored and saved our team by scoring goals and making defensive plays.

In conclusion, the boys’ varsity soccer team did a really good job in the playoffs this year.