School Schedule Thoughts with Principal Lev


Dylan Wagner, Staff Writer

Recently, I discussed the school schedule with Principal Benjamin Lev. We discussed how long it takes to come up with the school schedule, how he comes up with it, and more.

One thing Mr. Lev told me is, “I actually come up with the school schedule. I use a large part of the spring and summer to determine what requirements for classes for the state you need for the state of New York and then we think about the teachers we have and the numbers of periods we will like for you to have…”

Another thing I asked Mr. Lev is how long it takes to come up with the schedule.

He had this to say, “It takes about 100 hours to make the schedule.’’

Another thing I found out is they officially start making the school schedule in May.

“We usually start making it in May and finalize it in August,” Mr. Lev said.