8th Grade Hikes Bear Mountain

Jalen Stanley, Staff Writer

Did you know that almost half of the 8th grade went on the Bear Mountain Trip with 8th-grade Humanities teacher Robert Kowles and all of the 8th Graders that went really enjoyed the trip?

Mr. Kowles wanted to take the 8th-graders on the trip and to show them a good time. While hiking, some people got bored because some students had to catch up. However, Mr. Kowles wanted to make sure to keep everyone together. 

Mr. Kowles also said if that when all the 8th-graders reached the top of the mountain they would see a full view of New York. 

8th Grade Student Tayvion Alexander Santos explained that the trip was fun but he was frustrated with the amount of time that they had to wait for other students. 

Tayvion said, “The trip was fun but…we would have to wait for everyone to catch up with the group so we could continue to walk up the mountain.” 

Some students said that it got colder and windier as we hiked.

Tayvion said, “The weather could have been a lot colder if it rained, but luckily it was a great view from the top of the mountain.’’