Hamilton Habits Supported By Students


Frankie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Many things help our school get better, but one thing that really helps is the Hamilton Habits.

The Hamilton Habits are habits that give us examples of how to act. The Hamilton Habits are Self Control, Tenacity, Compassion, Unity, Humility, Patience, Service and Justice. 

Most of the students that I interviewed liked and followed the Hamilton Habits.

Principal Benjamin Lev said, “We have the Hamilton Habits because they are what is called skills for executive function. Essentially, they are the skills that are not graded in subjects like ELA, Math, and Science but are the skills that support us in making good decisions and being successful in all of our classes. And, actually [they support us] in all aspects of our life, including our relationships with family and our peers, and our participation in extracurricular activities like clubs and sports,” he said. 

Most people have different opinions about the Hamilton Habits. For example, 7th-grade student Andres Perez said he would not change the Hamilton Habits.

“I think they are a good structure for our school but I think some teachers should enforce them more,” he said. 

On the other hand, 6th-grade student Kareem Kelly said that they could improve or we could add an extra habit because some students still don’t follow the Hamilton Habits. Both students agree that maybe they should enforce the Hamilton Habits more. 

Every person interviewed on the subject agreed that the Hamilton Habits have helped the school become a great school and it is a great thing to have in the school even though some want to add another Hamilton Habit or want teachers to enforce it more. 

When asked if they would add a Hamilton Habit Mr. Lev said he would not.

On another note, have you ever wondered who made the Hamilton Habits we have today?  Well, Mr. Lev explained the Hamilton Habits were made by Mr. Bolton, Ms. Lleras, and Mr. Lev.

To summarize in this article we learned about the Hamilton Habits. I had fun interviewing people about the topic and writing about it. I really hoped this made you learn something new about the Hamilton Habits.