The Potential For New Sports Teams


Wilson Almonte

Do you feel like you want new sports in our school but feel like you’re the only one who wants new sports teams? Well, you’re not the only one. Other students in Hamilton Grange want more sports teams and Assistant Principal Mr. Scott said he would listen to any suggestions students had for new sports teams. 

 Hamilton Grange student Jeremy Guzman said there could be a lot more variety to our sports teams.

’’There are good sports teams that could be added like volleyball and flag football,” he said. 

Jeremy also said these sports could be fun and people might like them. He said that he likes volleyball because there are a lot of unique positions

He said our school should have a wider variety of teams and he has overheard kids talk about new sports teams that should be added.

Mr. Scott also said he is open to any sports suggestions and said he will try to talk to Principal Benjamin Lev and the coaches of the sports teams about the potential for new sports.

Mr. Scott said if students are interested in something then he will work with Mr. Lev and teachers try to make it an activity at this school so students can feel comfortable. He explained that they try to use all the resources they have to make these activities possible. 

If you feel like you want a sport, club, or activity added to our school you should ask for it to be added because teachers and other figures in our school are very open-minded to suggestions you have.